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Waiting Room Activity Cubes

Activity Cubes are Great toys for offices. They are self contained and easy to keep clean. We have play activity cubes for both small and large office spaces and waiting rooms.  Activity Cubes for Toddlers and preschool age kids are a must for any office that caters to any young children. 

 Did you know that providing waiting room games for kids actually helps  little patients stay calm while they wait in your lobby area? It also gives parents a much need break so that when they talk to you they have the attention they need to focus.  They are not just for healthcare offices - they also great in shoe stores, car dealerships, and even banks to help make your customers know you really care about their experience. 

These fun activities will have kids learning and staying busy without creating a lot of extra work for your staff. We have large and small Wooden Activity Cubes by Anatex, Hape, Playscapes, and all leading brands in the waiting room toy industry. Expand the learning opportunities of the kids in your care the toddlers, preschoolers, and moms of babies will thank you for it.