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Flagship Carpets

Flagship Carpets has been a leader in classroom rugs and the educational rug market for generations. Changing with the times and staying innovative by modernizing with  innovative new technology. Their printers can actually apply the color at 625 dpi (dots per inch). Most rugs are printed with only 256 dpi so that is means their colors and designs are crisper, cleaner, and more vibrant. 

Origin: Made in the USA.

CONSTRUCTION: Densitech construction for highest fiber density, with Nexatron Dye infusion process that ensures bright and lasting color.

MATERIAL: 100% Invista type 6.6. Continuous Filament Nylon.

ANTI-MICROBIAL TREATMENT: As a part of the manufacturing process, all carpets will be treated with Force 5, a permanent anti-microbial agent. This agent will guard against odor, mildew and mold.

STAIN PROTECTOR: Treated with Scotchguard PROTECTOR for superior soil resistance.

ANTI-STATIC TREATMENT: Permanent treatment to guard against shock.

CERTIFICATIONS: Class I Flammability Rating and Indoor Air Quality passed.

LIFETIME ABRASIVE WEAR WARRANTY: Carpet is guaranteed not to wear more than 10% by abrasion during the lifetime of usage. Flagship is the only supplier in the industry to provide a 3 month warranty on serging for manufacturer defects.

BINDING AND SERGING: Bound and double stitched with nylon edge yarn for maximum strength and durability.