Coral Reef Activity Cube

$ 609.95

Coral Reef Activity Cube

$ 609.95
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Keep children busy while they wait with the Coral Reef Activity Cube. This toy enhances fine motor skills, social interaction while providing education as kids have fun.

The Coral Reef Play Cube has an extensive selection of toys around the cube to keep kids occupied in busy lobby areas and waiting rooms.

Size: 29 1/4" x 29 1/4" x 39 3/4"

The hex sides feature:

  • 🐠Sea Creatures Pathfinder Panel
  • 🐢 Turtle Zig Zag Game Panel
  • 🐡Blowfish with googly Eyes Spinner Panel
  • 🦐 Hide and Seek blocks featuring a Boat and a Fish Panel
  • Bubble Gears Spinner Panel
  • Diving Helmet Mirror Panel

Shaped like a hexagon, it has lots of levers, dials, cranks and maze activities to enhance fine motor skills and promote cooperative play. Although a hexagon has six sides, this toy has a seventh if you count the rollercoaster Bead Maze that decorates the top. 

Age: 2+ Made by Hape

I'm so very pleased with this activity cube. I manage a public library and this sits in our Children's Room."

---Tamara T., SensoryEdge customer

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