The SensoryEdge Philosophy


Since 2003 SensoryEdge has been a leading provider of children's products to homes, schools, hospitals, and businesses throughout the United States. 

Our mission is help parents and providers make smart choices when creating environments for their kids.

Creating environments appropriate for the children who will be using them is of vital importance. Paying attention to these details means that kids who get overwhelmed can be calm, kids that need more stimulation will be stimulated, and that children who have limitations in their abilities can have environments appropriate for them.

The parents and professions who shop at SensoryEdge understand the importance of ensuring that all kids have an opportunity to be engaged, have communal experiences with their peers, and have opportunities to develop fine and gross motor skills in a kid-friendly setting.

This is not just to make sure kids have fun. It is to make sure that when children need to sit down and learn they are not struggling with basic motor planning skills that can be developed through play.

Our mission is not to sell toys and furniture. That is our business but not our mission. Our mission is make sure that when our customers buy our toys and furniture that they know the purpose of those products and how to use them in a way to get remarkable results for the kids in their community. 

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