Adventure Island Activity Play Cube

$ 2,999.95

Adventure Island Activity Play Cube

$ 2,999.95
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The Adventure Island Activity Cube will keep children entertained while waiting in your lobby. Children will love driving across the country on Adventure Road and rafting through the Adventure River Maze while viewing all sorts of animal life.

Size: 28"H x 28"W x 26"D. Weighs about 130 lbs

Activity cubes are versatile educational toys that engage multiple learning aspects in a playful and interactive manner. The cube has a warm maple finish and is trimmed in deep chocolate brown, complementing rooms with the rich look of wood.

If you have a busy waiting area that needs to keep children active without them running around, this cube can be a great alternative. Not only great for play, but helps with motor skills, imagination, and meeting new friends.

Some Assembly Required

Activity cubes, often designed for young children, serve several key purposes in early development:

  1. Motor Skills Development: Activity cubes help in developing fine motor skills as children manipulate various parts of the cube, like turning gears, sliding beads, or fitting shapes.

  2. Cognitive Skills: They encourage problem-solving and logical thinking. Puzzles and shape sorters, common features of activity cubes, are great for this.

  3. Sensory Stimulation: With different textures, colors, and sounds, activity cubes stimulate the senses, crucial for a child's sensory development.

  4. Learning Concepts: They often include elements that teach basic concepts like numbers, letters, shapes, and colors.

  5. Hand-Eye Coordination: Activities like bead mazes require children to use their sight and hands in coordinated ways.

  6. Creative Play: Many cubes offer open-ended play, which fosters imagination and creativity.

  7. Language Development: As children play, they learn to label objects and describe their actions, enhancing their language skills.

  8. Social Skills: When used in a group setting, activity cubes can encourage sharing, cooperation, and turn-taking.

Made in the U.S.A by Gressco Playscapes

Playscapes products are warranted against defects in material and workmanship for two years from the date of shipment.

Hardware and assembly/mounting instructions are included

  • Designed and manufactured for use in healthcare facilities where issues of infection control are most stringent.
  • Made with commercial-grade materials and should be included in the same cleaning protocols as furniture and other high-contact surfaces.
  • Frequent cleaning with most commercial disinfectant solutions will not damage or diminish any of our product finishes, but the use of ammonia on acrylic may cause cloudiness.

Delivery About 2 Weeks

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