USA Map Classroom Rug

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USA Map Classroom Rug

$ 79.95
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Explore the world from your classroom with the USA Map Rug, a perfect teaching aid for young minds.

The USA Map Rug is more than just a decorative piece for your classroom. As a teaching aid, this rug provides a visual representation of the United States that will engage and educate young minds.

Sizes: 4' x 6' , 6' x 9' and 8' x 12'

Made from durable materials, it can withstand daily wear and tear as children learn about geography in an interactive way. This classroom rug offers much more value than its price tag suggests, making it a smart investment for any educator looking to enhance their curriculum with hands-on learning experiences

  • Enhance learning: The USA Map Value Plus Rug serves as a teaching aid for young learners, making geography lessons interactive and fun
  • Durable design: Constructed with quality materials, this classroom rug is built to withstand heavy foot traffic and frequent use
  • Versatile decor: With its eye catching map of the United States, this rug adds an educational touch to any space

The USA Map Value Plus Classroom Rug will make teaching your students the states of our country fun! The colorful design will keep kids interested as you create games to go along with each state e.g. Capitals, state flower, state nickname, famous people and companies.

  • Made in the USA
  • KIDply Backing
  • Advanced Stain Protection
  • 100% Continuous Filament Nylon
  • Class 1 Fire Rating

Here are some games teachers can play with their students on this rug.

  1. Geography Bee - Give students clues about a state s geography, such as its location, landmarks, or climate, and have them race to be the first to identify the state.

  2. State Bingo - Create Bingo cards with different state names or landmarks, and have students cover the corresponding space on their card when it is called out.

  3. State Memory Match - Create a set of cards with state names and pictures of landmarks, and have students play a matching game to identify the correct state.

  4. State Charades - Have students act out a state s landmarks or symbols, and have their classmates race to be the first to guess which state it is.

  5. State Trivia - Give students trivia questions about different states, such as their state bird or flower, and have them race to answer correctly.

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