Slide Puzzle Wall Game

$ 649.95

Slide Puzzle Wall Game

$ 649.95
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The Slide Puzzle Wall Game. helps keep kids busy while waiting. This fun learning panel is perfect for the doctor's office, businesses that cater to children or large areas where kids play.

Size: 27 1/2"H x 17 3/4 W x 3D"

Spin to complete a puzzle or play the traditional version and make matching rows. A great fit for places with limited floor space but has a lot of children visiting.

Keeping kids busy with wall panel games is a great way to entertain the children without making the wait unpleasant for parents and other adults. 

Kids can make friends with other children during a friendly game of Tic Tac Toe. Customers can shop, patients can talk and kids can play & have fun!

Made in Canada by Keebee

Everything made comes with easy to follow assembly instructions (with words and pictures), and all the necessary hardware.

How to Clean Keebee Toys

Slide puzzles can help young minds in multiple ways. Here are a few this high quality wall toy can help the brain:

  • Improves problem-solving skills: Slide puzzles require players to use problem-solving skills to move the pieces into the correct order. This process requires planning, logical thinking, and attention to detail, which can improve these skills over time.
  • Enhances spatial reasoning: Slide puzzles require players to visualize how the pieces fit together and move around the board. This process can enhance spatial reasoning skills and improve the ability to mentally manipulate objects in the mind's eye.
  • Boosts memory: Slide puzzles require players to remember the position of each piece and the steps needed to solve the puzzle. This can help improve short-term memory and working memory.
  • Relieves stress: Slide puzzles can be a relaxing activity that can help reduce stress and anxiety levels.

Delivery about 4 Weeks

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  • Delivery is about 4 Weeks
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