Bilingual Paint by Numeros Oval Rug

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Bilingual Paint by Numeros Oval Rug

$ 279.95
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The Bilingual Paint by Numeros Oval Rug is an educational and colorful high quality carpet that is great for schools, daycares, therapy clinics, WICS and other places where kids learn English and Spanish.

Sizes: 6'9 x 9'5 and 8'3 x 11'8

Dive into a world where language and numbers intertwine seamlessly. This rug is more than just a floor covering; it's a gateway to bilingual mastery. With its captivating design, students will be drawn to explore and discover the fascinating world of colors and numbers in both English and Spanish.

Immerse your students in a language-rich environment that extends beyond the confines of traditional teaching methods. The rug's dual-language color palette not only introduces essential vocabulary but also sparks conversations that promote cross-cultural understanding.

As children walk, sit, or lie on this rug, they absorb language through visual and tactile experiences, making learning both dynamic and memorable.

  • Meets NFPA 253, Class 1 Firecode
  • Anti Static, Anti-Microbial and Carpet Stain Protection
  • Green Label Plus Certified
  • Assists in allergen particle control
  • Made in the USA

Designed to cater to diverse learning styles, the rug accommodates kinesthetic, auditory, and visual learners. Its vibrant colors and playful layout provide a feast for the eyes, while its numerical patterns engage logical thinkers.

Additionally, the rug's soft and comfortable texture offers a cozy place for students to gather, ensuring that learning experiences are enjoyable and memorable.

Incorporate the Bilingual Paint by Numeros Oval Rug into your classroom, and watch as language and numbers come alive.

This rug transcends its physical presence, becoming an integral part of your educational space, inspiring young minds to embrace learning with enthusiasm and curiosity.

La pintura Bilingüe por Oval Numeros Aula Rug es una cobertura educativa y colorido piso que es ideal para escuelas, guarderías, clínicas de terapia, de WICS y otros lugares donde los niños aprenden Inglés y Español

Made by Carpets for Kids

In a vibrant kindergarten classroom, Miss M. was known for her creative teaching methods that always kept her students engaged and excited to learn. One of her favorite tools was the Bilingual Paint By Numeros Oval Rug. With its bright colors and educational elements, it was the perfect addition to her classroom.

One sunny morning, Miss M. greeted her students with a warm smile. "Good morning, everyone! Today, we're going to have a special lesson using our beautiful new rug!" The children, curious and eager, gathered around the oval rug, their eyes wide with anticipation.

The rug was a masterpiece of educational design. Around the edges, colorful paint splatters each labeled with the color name in both English and Spanish. In the center, a paintbrush pointed to a palette with numbers, also written in both languages. The alphabet encircled the inner part, offering endless opportunities for learning.

Miss M. started the lesson by pointing to the paint splatters. "Can anyone tell me what color this is?" she asked, pointing to a red splatter.

"Red! Rojo!" shouted little Sofia, her eyes shining with pride.

"Very good, Sofia!" praised Miss M. "And what about this one?" She pointed to a blue splatter.

"Blue! Azul!" chimed in Miguel, not wanting to be outdone.

Miss M. continued, incorporating a variety of activities. They counted the numbers on the palette in both English and Spanish, sang the alphabet song while hopping from letter to letter, and even practiced simple addition and subtraction using the numbers and colors on the rug.

As the lesson progressed, the children became more confident in their bilingual skills. They learned to associate colors with their names in both languages, improving their vocabulary and pronunciation. The rug had transformed the classroom into a dynamic learning environment where every child could participate and shine.

The highlight of the day came when Miss M. organized a fun game. She called it "Find the Color." She would say a color in Spanish, and the children would rush to stand on the corresponding paint splatter. "Verde!" she called out, and the children scurried to find the green splatter, giggling as they tried to be the first one there.

As the day came to an end, Miss M. gathered her students in a circle on the rug. "I am so proud of each one of you," she said. "Today, we learned so much and had a lot of fun. Remember, learning can be colorful and exciting, just like our special rug."

The children cheered and clapped, excited for what the next day would bring. They loved their new Bilingual Paint By Numeros Oval Rug and couldn't wait to see what other adventures in learning Miss M. had in store for them. With this rug, the classroom was not just a place for learning—it was a place where imagination and education came together in the most colorful and joyful way.

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