1-2-3 Under The Sea Activity Wall Panel

$ 499.95

1-2-3 Under The Sea Activity Wall Panel

$ 499.95
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Wall Toys Keep Kids Busy and Engaged

The 1-2-3 Under The Sea Activity Wall Panel is a fishy story that helps teach numbers. Children will interact with balls in a track, positioning the correct number of them to corresponding images, to help learn the basics of counting. 

Size: 27 1/2"H x 17 3/4"W

Made for High Traffic Areas like activity centers, malls, museums & other shopping center areas that cater to children.

Targeted Reading Skills:

  • narrative skills
  • print awareness
  • vocabulary
  • letter knowledge

Item aw-28 Made by Keebee

How to Clean Keebee Toys

• Activity functions behind clear, scratch-proof acrylic barrier.

• Seamless surfaces. Bolts, nooks, and crevices where microbial organisms can breed are eliminated.

• Surfaces easily accessible to disinfectant cleaning products.

• No accessible small pieces or loose parts.

• No fabric or plush surfaces.

COMMERCIAL GRADE: Keebee Play coatings are industrial grade two component urethane, able to withstand constant cleaning of hospital grade disinfectant solutions used in healthcare environ¬ments. Keebee Play coatings contain the antimicrobial treatment Isothiazolinone (2-N-Octyl-4-isothiazolin-3-one), an anti¬bacterial and antifungal additive that reduces the spread of microbial organisms that would otherwise live on the surface of products.

Disinfecting Disinfectant cleaning solutions should be used on a regular, and as needed basis, to remove and reduce the spread of microbes from product surfaces. Disinfectant cleaners are one-step cleaning and disinfecting solutions used in health care and food processing facilities, homes, schools, offices, hospitals, and retail facilities.

The primary disinfectant is usually either a Quat (quaternary ammoni¬um compound), or hydrogen peroxide. These products are either concentrates that require dilution, or ready to use.

Suitable disinfectant cleaning solutions tested on Keebee Play coatings include;
• Clorox HP disinfecting wipes
• Virox HP disinfecting wipes
• AIRX44 disinfecting cleaning solution
• Oxivir Plus cleaning solution • Perdium cleaning solution
• A solution of 7-parts water to 1-part bleach solution may also be used to disinfect product surfaces.

Do not use a 100% bleach solution directly from the con¬tainer to wash or disinfect.

Do not use abrasive cleaners.

Do not use boiling water or steam.

Delivery about 4 Weeks

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  • Delivery about 4 Weeks
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