Wall Toys

Fun House Giggle Wall Mirror

$ 239.95

Animal Friends Wall Mirrors

$ 179.95 $ 145.95

City Heroes Activity Wall Toy

$ 75.95 $ 67.95

Funny Face Wall Activity Toy

from $ 349.95

Space Travel Activity Wall Toy

$ 75.95 $ 67.95

Small Gears Wall Panel Toy

$ 159.95

Mirror and Bead Wall Game

$ 209.95

Ocean Adventure Activity Wall Toy

$ 75.95 $ 67.95

Sea Life Pathfinder Wall Panel

$ 175.95 $ 135.95

On The Farm Activity Wall Toy

$ 75.95 $ 67.95

Fruit Flip Wall Toy

$ 479.95

Super Wide Giggle Mirror

$ 275.95

MyPlate MatchUp Wall Toy

$ 469.95

Veggie Acrylic Wall Mirror

$ 299.95

Loco-Motion Sphere Wall Toy

$ 335.95

Our Wall Toys require small footprints but provide big fun in waiting areas, schools and at home. You'll love how these activity panels keep kids engaged. Keeping kids busy with activity sensory busy board panels helps with fine motor skills, gets them up and moving while learning.

We have fun themes and colors that babies, toddlers and young children will be drawn to. Our wall toys feature pathfinders, items with chunky knobs, bead and wire mazes, child friendly mirrors and heat activated panels.

You'll find themes ranging from city, farm, ocean, space, healthy eating, natural wood and solid color wall panels.  SensoryEdge features Gressco, HABA, Keebee and our own exclusive wall mounted toys that work great at home, waiting areas, therapy clinics and at school.

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