Colorful Squares Wall Puzzle Toy

$ 619.95

Colorful Squares Wall Puzzle Toy

$ 619.95
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Transform any Waiting Area into a Sensory Experience with the Colorful Squares Wall Puzzle Toy

The Colorful Squares Wall Puzzle Panel is a way to add fun and creativity to your waiting area or play wall. This unique puzzle toy encourages hands-on exploration as children use their hand-eye coordination skills to navigate the brightly colored squares along the grid.

Size: 16"W x 17"H

As they move the pieces back and forth, up and down, little ones will enjoy a tactile sensory experience that keeps them engaged while waiting in any area. Perfect for kids of all ages, this playful wall panel brings endless hours of entertainment.

Players will need to think hard before they move if they want to get the 8 squares in the same arrangement as shown on one of the 4 sides of the turning dice. Great for hand eye coordination, matching help, plus it takes away waiting area boredom.

  • The Colorful Squares Wall Puzzle Panel provides a fun sensory experience for children
  • Playing with the puzzle improves hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills
  • With its bright colors and engaging design, the wall puzzle toy is sure to capture children's attention and encourage imaginative play

Made by Haba Item 023145

Create a multi-panel sensory experience on your walls by mixing multiple HABA activity panels. Bolt directly to the wall or use the HABA Guide Rails. The order and arrangement of the panels can be changed regularly if the Guide Rails are installed.

Made from genuine birch timber veneer. Warm and inviting with unmatched stability and comfortable to use. It comes from sustainable forestry that maintains woodlands.

Veneer board - also known as multiplex board is manufactured from a whole series of veneer wood layers glued crossways.

Surface sealing - HABA high quality veneers are sealed with carefully selected lacquers that are water based and free of solvents. Environmentally compatible and non fading.

Advantages of veneer:

  • Genuine wood
  • Natural appearance
  • Warm surface
  • Durable
  • Healthy room atmosphere

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