Deluxe Mini Play Cube

$ 129.95 $ 107.95

Sea Life Pathfinder Wall Panel

$ 175.95 $ 129.95

Animal Friends Wall Mirrors

$ 179.95 $ 145.95

Mini Rollercoaster Bead Toy

$ 49.95 $ 36.95

Mini Curves & Waves Activity Table

$ 109.95 $ 75.95

After 40 years of providing toys and furniture to hospitals, homes and waiting areas around the country Anatex has decided to retire the brand. We have the remaining inventory.

  • Anatex products are known for their unique, creative and innovative designs. eye-catching centerpieces make for beautiful décor for home, schools, and waiting rooms.
  • Open a world of imagination and discovery, while teaching important skills such as eye-hand coordination, color recognition, counting, and visual tracking, and more!
  • The waiting room activity centers and wall panels are designed to be compact to save space, filled with activity for endless play, and with no loose-pieces, making them the perfect solution for community spaces.
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