Noah's Voyage Oval Rug Factory Second

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Noah's Voyage Oval Rug Factory Second

$ 159.95
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The Noah's Voyage Oval Rug features animals in circles around the border and an animal-filled Noah s Ark in the middle. The incredible colors will be like a child magnet.

Sizes: 6' x 9'  and 8'3 x 11'8

Noah's Ark is a story from the Bible about a man named Noah who built a large boat at God s command to save himself, his family, and animals from a great flood.

This is a commercial quality carpet that is perfect when you want to get kids out of their seats and learning on the floor. Let children immerse themselves as part of the lesson. Take Bible Study Story Time to a New Level .

About Factory Second Classroom Rugs: We have been given access to a small inventory of irregular classroom-style rugs that do not meet the rigid first quality standards of Carpets for Kids.

This is a brand new rug that may include a slight color change, small dye spots, a slight backing flaw or a seam that hasn't been sewn perfectly straight. 

  • Meets NFPA 253, Class 1 Firecode
  • Double-stitched serged edges
  • Meets the CRI s Green Label Plus certification
  • Carpet & Anti Static Protection
  • Assists in allergen particle control
  • Made in the USA

Carpets for Kids

God saw that the world had become filled with wickedness and decided to send a flood to cleanse the earth. He chose Noah, a righteous man, and instructed him to build a massive ark.

Noah faithfully followed God s instructions and began constructing the ark. The boat was enormous, with three levels and plenty of space to accommodate pairs of every kind of animal, along with food for them.

As the ark neared completion, Noah gathered his family and the animals, and they entered the ark. Then the rain began to fall, and the waters of the flood covered the earth, destroying everything in its path.

For forty days and forty nights, the rain poured down relentlessly. The ark floated on the rising waters, keeping Noah, his family, and the animals safe.

After the floodwaters subsided, Noah released a dove to find dry land. The dove returned with an olive leaf, indicating that the waters had receded. Finally, when the ground was completely dry, God told Noah and his family to leave the ark and repopulate the earth.

Noah and his family stepped out onto the renewed earth, filled with gratitude and awe. They built an altar and offered sacrifices to God, who promised never to destroy the earth with a flood again. The rainbow became a symbol of God s covenant with Noah and all living creatures.

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