Colorful Rows Classroom Seating Rug - Factory Second

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Colorful Rows Classroom Seating Rug - Factory Second

$ 229.95
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Keep students organized with the large Colorful Rows Seating Rug. Teachers love this rug for morning attendance and announcements. This is a low pile, high-quality carpet discounted to save you money. 


  • 6' x 9'  Seat Size: 13.5" x 21" (25 seats)
  • 8'4 x 13'4 Seat Size: 25.5" x 19" (30 seats) 
  • 8'4 x 13'4 Seat Size: 25.5" x 15" (36 seats) 

Easy on your budget and great for your classroom. Quality construction makes this school carpet a flooring solution that will last. 

The pattern and colors of the high-quality construction make this school carpet a flooring solution that will last semester after semester.

    About Factory Second Classroom Rugs: We have been given access to a small inventory of irregular classroom-style rugs that do not meet the rigid first quality standards of Carpets for Kids.

    This is a brand new rug that may include a slight color change, small dye spots, a slight backing flaw or a seam that hasn't been sewn perfectly straight. 

    • Meets NFPA 253, Class 1 Firecode
    • Double-stitched serged edges
    • Anti Static and Carpet Stain protection
    • Assists in allergen particle control
    • Meets the CRI s Green Label Plus certification

    Made in the USA by Carpets for Kids

    Find this rug in a factory first at Colorful Rows Seating Rug

    Math Lesson Plan: Introduction to Addition and Subtraction

    Lesson Title:

    Understanding Basic Addition and Subtraction

    Grade Level:

    1st Grade




    45 minutes


    • Students will be able to understand the concepts of addition and subtraction.
    • Students will be able to solve simple addition and subtraction problems within 10.
    • Students will demonstrate their understanding through practice exercises and group activities.


    • Common Core State Standards (CCSS.MATH.CONTENT.1.OA.C.5): Relate counting to addition and subtraction (e.g., by counting on 2 to add 2).

    Materials Needed:

    • Number cards (0-10)
    • Counters (e.g., buttons, cubes, or beans)
    • Whiteboard and markers
    • Addition and subtraction worksheets
    • Chart paper
    • Sticky notes

    Introduction (10 minutes):

    1. Engage Students:

      • Start with a short story or scenario involving addition and subtraction (e.g., "Tom has 3 apples, and he buys 2 more. How many apples does he have now?").
      • Ask students to help solve the problem, discussing the steps involved.
    2. Introduce Vocabulary:

      • Explain key terms: add, subtract, sum, difference.

    Instruction (15 minutes):

    1. Direct Instruction:

      • Use the whiteboard to demonstrate addition and subtraction problems.
      • Show how to use counters to visually represent addition and subtraction.
      • Write a few problems on the board and solve them together with the class.
    2. Guided Practice:

      • Distribute number cards and counters to each student.
      • Call out addition and subtraction problems for students to solve using their counters.
      • Walk around the classroom to assist and check for understanding.

    Activity (10 minutes):

    1. Group Activity:
      • Divide students into small groups.
      • Provide each group with chart paper and sticky notes.
      • Have groups create their own addition and subtraction problems using the sticky notes and solve them on the chart paper.
      • Encourage students to explain their thinking to their group members.

    Assessment (5 minutes):

    1. Worksheet Practice:

      • Distribute addition and subtraction worksheets for individual practice.
      • Monitor student progress and provide assistance as needed.
    2. Exit Ticket:

      • Ask students to solve one addition and one subtraction problem on a sticky note and place it on the board before they leave the classroom.

    Closure (5 minutes):

    1. Review Key Concepts:

      • Summarize what was learned about addition and subtraction.
      • Encourage students to share one thing they learned or enjoyed about the lesson.
    2. Preview Next Lesson:

      • Briefly introduce the next topic, such as using addition and subtraction in word problems.


    • For Struggling Students:
      • Provide additional visual aids and manipulatives.
      • Offer one-on-one support during independent practice.
    • For Advanced Students:
      • Challenge them with higher numbers or multi-step problems.
      • Encourage them to create their own addition and subtraction stories.

    This lesson plan incorporates various teaching strategies and activities to ensure that students understand and can apply the basic concepts of addition and subtraction.

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