Glitter Rods Activity Wall Panel

$ 285.95

Glitter Rods Activity Wall Panel

$ 285.95
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Spark creativity and development. Where hand-eye coordination meets vibrant colors

Transform your waiting area and educational spaces with the Glitter Rods Activity Wall Panel. A fun and interactive addition that stimulates children's senses. This fun wall panel isn't just aesthetically pleasing to look at but also improves their hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills as they grasp and slide the glitter rods from one end of the wall panel to another.

Size: 16" x 17"

The rod colors provide visual stimuli, enhancing color recognition skills in young kids while also encouraging social interaction among peers as they take turns playing together. Add an element of surprise with this exciting product that can be mounted on walls or playrooms for a welcome change of pace to any boring space!

  • The Glitter Rods Activity Wall Panel promotes hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills' development in children
  • Children can enhance their social interaction skills while playing with the Glitter Rods Activity Wall Panel, making it a great addition to any playroom or daycare center
  • This wall panel provides an opportunity for color recognition and sensory exploration through its vibrant glitter rods
  • With its interactive design, the Glitter Rods Activity Wall Panel offers endless hours of engaging entertainment that stimulates creativity and imagination in children of all ages

Children will love playing with the Glitter Rods Activity Wall Panel while they wait in lobby areas. The panel has a round disc with stars, moons, squares, and glitter in four containers. Rotate the disc and watch the glitter move from side to side. Mesmerizing for kids.  

Made by HABA Item 120371

Made from genuine birch timber veneer. Warm and inviting with unmatched stability and comfortable to use.

Veneer board - Manufactured using a series of veneer wood layers glued crossways. The core consists of glued solid timer ledges. The uppermost layer forms a high-quality genuine veneer wood.

Surface sealing - HABA veneers are sealed with carefully selected lacquers that are water-based and free of solvents. Environmentally compatible and non-fading.

Advantages of veneer:

  • Genuine wood
  • Natural appearance
  • Warm surface
  • Durable
  • Biologically friendly
  • Renewable raw material
  • Healthy room atmosphere

Create a multi panel sensory experience on your walls by mixing multiple HABA activity panels. Bolt directly to the wall or use the HABA Guide Rails. The order and arrangement of the panels can be changed regularly if the Guide Rails are installed.

Delivery 60 - 90 Days

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