Tranquil Tundra Classroom Seating Rug

$ 269.95

Tranquil Tundra Classroom Seating Rug

$ 269.95
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The Tranquil Tundra Classroom Seating Rug provides a muted area of colors where children can sit for lessons, games and interact with others. Help students understand boundaries in school.

Please measure your area and choose the right size

Light colors will show dirt from every-day foot traffic.


  • 6' x 9' - 24 Seats are 17.5" x 17.5"
  • 7'6 x 12' - 24 Seats are 23" x 22"
  • 7'6 x 12' - 30 Seats are 23" x 17"

    The Tranquil Tundra Seating Grid Rug is perfect for setting boundaries in school without compromising on comfort. This classroom seating rug is made with high-quality materials and features calming colors that are sure to captivate young minds. 

    The seats help enforce distance rules by providing designated areas for each student. With this amazing rug, your class can learn while staying comfortable in their own personal space. Invest in the Tranquil Tundra Classroom Seating Rug today and transform any classroom into a learning environment!

    • The Tranquil Tundra Classroom Seating Rug provides clear boundaries for students, helping to maintain order and structure in the classroom
    • With its calming design, this rug creates a peaceful atmosphere that can help students focus and stay engaged during lessons
    • In today's world of social distancing rules, this rug offers a practical solution for maintaining safe distances between students while still allowing them to work together comfortably
    • Made from durable materials that stand up to heavy use, this classroom seating rug is an investment in the future of your school or educational institution

    SensoryEdge Exclusive

    Although you might not be able to grow trees on a tundra, you can grow young minds. Teach lessons about the earth on land, in the water and beneath our planet. Children's minds are sponges, they love learning about cool things that make our planet wonderful. 

    • Made in the U.S.A.
    • Anti Static and Stain Protection
    • Meets NFPA 253, Class 1 Firecode
    • Double-stitched serged edges
    • Green Label Plus Certified

    Whether leading interesting talks in a circle, crafting engaging stories, or fostering teamwork among groups, the rug's charming design easily sparks interest and ignites students' creativity.

    *Features True Stain Blocker Technology - Makes clean up a cinch using only hot water extraction with no harsh chemicals necessary. Tested to ensure carpets provide safe area for children to learn and play while supporting your efforts to provide a clean and healthy environment.

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