Magic Hands Heat Sensitive Wall Toy

$ 319.95

Magic Hands Heat Sensitive Wall Toy

$ 319.95
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Magic Hands Heat Sensitive Wall Toy 

✨✋ The Magic Hands Heat Sensitive Wall Toy is like a burst of joy for kids entering your waiting area! 🌈 It's not just a toy; it's an experience that sparks curiosity and friendship.

📐 Size: 22"H x 15"W

👀 Imagine their excitement as they leave their magical prints on the wall, only to see them disappear like magic! 🤯 It's not just a play panel; it's a lesson in cause and effect, keeping them entertained for hours.

🌡️ The Heat Sensitive Play Panel is not your ordinary wall decor—it's a masterpiece of technology! 🎨 Behind its durable film lies a temperature-sensitive material that reacts to the warmth of little hands, changing colors in a mesmerizing display.

👶🤔 Encourage learning through play and exploration with this interactive wall toy. It's not just about fun; it's about creating lasting memories and fostering a positive environment for kids. 🚀✨

Add a touch of magic to your space and let the Magic Hands Heat Sensitive Wall Toy be the highlight of your waiting area! 🌟✋🌈

  • For best performance, the ideal room temperature for the play panel is between 68 and 73 degrees.
  • If panel surface seems to respond sluggishly, the room temperature may be too cold.
  • If the surface is red, green or blue when not in use the room temperature is too warm.
  • All hardware and assembly/mounting instructions are included with the products
  • Designed and manufactured for use in healthcare facilities where issues of infection control are most stringent. 

    Made in the U.S.A. by Playscapes/Gressco. Item 20-MGC-009

    Mounting Location Guidelines: Mount the Panel on an inside wall where the temperature is consistent.

    Do not mount the Play Panel near direct sunlight. This will affect responsiveness and shorten the life of the product.

    Cleaning the Heat Sensitive Play Panel: Use a soft damp cloth, general-purpose cleaner, or disinfectant spray to clean the Panel. Do not use cleaners containing ammonia or abrasives. To remove crayons or other difficult stains we recommend De-Solv-lt or multi-purpose Goo Gone.

    Delivery About 2 Weeks

    • This item is made to order and ships factory direct from Wisconsin.
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