Tone on Tone Alphabet Classroom Rug

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Tone on Tone Alphabet Classroom Rug

$ 369.95
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Step up your ABC game with Where every letter is a lesson plan waiting to be explored!

Make learning the ABC's much more fun and engaging for your little ones with the Tone on Tone Alphabet Classroom Rug. This colorful rug features all 26 letters of the alphabet in a playful yet educational design that is perfect for classroom settings.

Size: 7'6 x 12'

Provides visual stimulation which helps children learn letters, colors, and shapes all at once. With its sturdy construction and easy-to-clean materials, it's ideal for high-traffic areas such as classrooms or playrooms.

The unique tone-on-tone design adds a modern twist to any lesson plan while also encouraging kids to explore their creativity through imaginative play. Get ready to transform your classroom into an exciting world of discovery with this fantastic rug today!

  • The Tone on Tone Alphabet Classroom Rug is a fun and engaging way for young learners to practice their ABCs
  • With its durable construction, this classroom rug can withstand daily use and help create a comfortable learning environment
  • Teachers can easily incorporate the rug into lesson plans, using it as a visual aid or even incorporating games and activities
  • By adding the Tone on Tone Alphabet Classroom Rug to your classroom, you're not only enhancing the learning experience but also creating an inviting space that students will love to spend time in

The Tone on Tone Alphabet Classroom Rug brings seating and the ABC's to school. Great for lesson plans and taking roll call. This rug comes in a variety of colors to fit your room design. 

  • Made in the U.S.A. 
  • Highest fiber density, with an infusion dye process. Ensures bright lasting color
  • Anti-Microbial and Anti-Static Treatment. Green Label Certified
  • 24 oz Nylon w/Urethane Backing System
  • Treated with Scotchgard protector for superior soil resistance
  • Class I Flammability Rating and Indoor Air Quality passed
  • Bound and double stitched with nylon edge yarn for maximum strength and durability

flagship stain and cri labels

Lesson Plan: Learning the ABCs

Grade: 1st Grade
Subject: Language Arts
Duration: 45 minutes


  • Students will be able to identify and name all the letters of the alphabet.
  • Students will be able to recognize both uppercase and lowercase letters.
  • Students will be able to associate letters with corresponding sounds.


  • Alphabet chart
  • Flashcards with uppercase and lowercase letters
  • Alphabet song (audio or video)
  • Whiteboard and markers
  • Worksheets with alphabet activities
  • Crayons and pencils
  • Alphabet books

Introduction (10 minutes):

  1. Greeting and Warm-Up: Begin the class with a cheerful greeting. Ask students if they know the alphabet song and if they would like to sing it together.
  2. Alphabet Song: Play or sing the alphabet song with the class. Encourage students to sing along and follow the letters with their fingers.

Direct Instruction (15 minutes):

  1. Alphabet Chart: Display an alphabet chart on the board. Point to each letter, saying its name and sound. Ask students to repeat after you.
  2. Flashcards: Show flashcards with uppercase and lowercase letters. Mix them up and ask students to identify the letters. Emphasize the sounds each letter makes.
  3. Interactive Activity: Write a few letters on the whiteboard and ask students to come up and trace them. Reinforce the letter names and sounds.

Guided Practice (10 minutes):

  1. Worksheet Activity: Hand out worksheets with alphabet activities. These could include tracing letters, matching uppercase and lowercase letters, and coloring letters.
  2. Teacher Assistance: Walk around the classroom to assist students with the worksheet activities. Provide guidance and support as needed.

Independent Practice (5 minutes):

  1. Alphabet Books: Give each student an alphabet book. Ask them to look through the book and find letters they recognize. Encourage them to say the letter names and sounds as they find them.

Conclusion (5 minutes):

  1. Review: Gather the students back together and review the letters learned today. Ask a few students to share their favorite letters and why they like them.
  2. Closing Song: End the lesson with another round of the alphabet song. Encourage everyone to sing along.


  • Observe students during the activities to ensure they can identify and name the letters.
  • Review the completed worksheets to assess understanding.
  • Listen to students as they sing the alphabet song and participate in discussions.


  • For students who need extra help, provide additional one-on-one support during the independent practice time.
  • For advanced students, offer challenging activities such as finding words that start with each letter or writing simple words.

Follow-Up Activities:

  • Encourage students to practice their letters at home by reading alphabet books or singing the alphabet song with their families.
  • Plan future lessons to introduce more complex phonics and letter combinations.

Classroom Setup:

  • Arrange desks in a semi-circle to create an inclusive environment.
  • Ensure the alphabet chart is visible to all students.
  • Have all materials prepared and easily accessible before the lesson begins.

Delivery about 4 Weeks

  • This rug is made to order and ships factory direct from Georgia.
  • Delivery is about 4 Weeks
  • We will email you the tracking number when your order ships.