HABA Tree and Animals Meadow Wall Panel

$ 2,279.95

HABA Tree and Animals Meadow Wall Panel

$ 2,279.95
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The HABA Tree and Animals Meadow Wall Panel will add a beautiful design to your waiting area. The wall decor has a bunny and hedgehog hiding in the grass, with little bugs crawling on the trunk back and forth.

Size: 28"W x 71"H Installation hardware included.

Includes 5 elements to manipulate and play. Use as a centerpiece for a child-friendly space in waiting areas, play places and in nature-centric areas that cater to children. The tree is constructed of solid birch woods & stains. 

The butterfly, sun, hedgehog and birds are not included

Item 120335 Made by HABA

Items around the tree sold separately

Made from genuine birch timber veneer. Warm and inviting with unmatched stability and comfortable to use. It comes from sustainable forestry that maintains woodlands.

Veneer board - also known as multiplex board is manufactured from a whole series of veneer wood layers glued crossways.

Surface sealing - HABA high quality veneers are sealed with carefully selected lacquers that are water based and free of solvents. Environmentally compatible and non fading.

Advantages of veneer:

  • Genuine wood
  • Natural appearance
  • Warm surface
  • Durable
  • Biologically friendly
  • Renewable raw material
  • Healthy room atmosphere

Trees and meadows are fascinating aspects of the natural world. Here are some interesting facts about them:

Communication Network:

  • Trees can communicate with each other through a network of fungi known as mycorrhizal networks. This underground system allows them to exchange nutrients and information.
Oldest Living Organisms:
  • Some of the oldest living organisms on Earth are trees. For example, the Bristlecone Pine trees in the White Mountains of California can live for over 5,000 years.
Oxygen Production:
  • Trees are crucial for oxygen production. A mature leafy tree produces as much oxygen in a season as 10 people inhale in a year.
Carbon Storage:
  • Trees act as carbon sinks by absorbing carbon dioxide during photosynthesis and storing carbon in their biomass. This helps mitigate the effects of climate change.
    Biodiversity Hotspots:
    • Meadows are often biodiversity hotspots, home to a wide variety of plant and animal species. The open landscape provides a diverse range of habitats.
    Ephemeral Beauty:
    • Meadows often showcase a stunning display of wildflowers during the spring and summer months, creating a vibrant and colorful landscape.

    Important Pollinator Habitats:

    • Meadows play a crucial role in supporting pollinators like bees and butterflies. The abundance of flowers provides nectar and pollen, supporting the life cycle of these important insects.
    Historical Significance:
    • Traditional agricultural practices often involved the use of meadows for grazing livestock. Meadows have cultural and historical significance in many regions.
    Ecosystem Services:
    • Meadows provide important ecosystem services, such as water filtration, soil stabilization, and flood control. The dense root systems of meadow plants help prevent soil erosion.

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