Animal Families Acrylic Wall Mirror

$ 289.95
Animal Families Acrylic Wall Mirror

Animal Families Acrylic Wall Mirror

$ 289.95
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The Animal Families Acrylic Wall Mirror is a great addition to any doctors' waiting room, playroom, or classroom. Children can use it to look at themselves in the mirror and develop their self-help skills, which in turn helps develop their fine motor skills. This safe acrylic mirror is shatter-resistant and help enhance self-image and discovery and the significance of family even in the animal kingdom.

Size: 22"H x 15"W, Weight9 lbs.

Place mirror at child height to help with getting ready in the morning or viewing their appearance at school. The cheerfully bordered mirror will bring a smile to little faces. The acrylic mirror is constructed with children in mind and is made out of solid materials. The rounded corners bring another element of safety for young hands.

Made in the U.S.A. by Gressco Playscapes Waiting Room Toys

Item 20-FMR-007

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All hardware and assembly/mounting instructions are included with the products. Playscapes products are warranted against defects in material and workmanship for two years from the date of shipment Designed and manufactured for use in healthcare facilities where issues of infection control are most stringent. Made with commercial-grade materials and should be included in the same cleaning protocols as furniture and other high-contact surfaces. Frequent cleaning with most commercial disinfectant solutions will not damage or diminish any of our product finishes; but the use of ammonia on acrylic may cause cloudiness.

Delivery About 2 Weeks

  • This item is made to order and ships factory direct from Wisconsin.
  • We will email you the tracking number once we receive it from the manufacturer.

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Delivery About 2 Weeks

    HABA items are shipped from Wisconsin. The distributor keeps some inventory in stock. At times they will run out and will fulfill orders when new inventory arrives from Europe.
  • In the event an item is not in stock. we will notify you regarding the delay.

Delivery 60 - 90 Days

  • HABA items come from Europe. Once your item arrives. The distributor will ship it from their warehouse in Wisconsin.
  • We will email you the tracking number once we receive it from the distributor.
  • HABA makes custom, commercial quality children's furniture. HABA items are built to withstand the rigors of commercial environments, and are built to last with a 10 year manufacturer's warranty.

Delivery About 2 Weeks

  • This item is made to order and ships factory direct from Minnesota.
  • We will email you the tracking number once we receive it from the manufacturer.

Delivery 2 - 3 Weeks

  • This item is made to order and ships from Canada.
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Delivery 3 - 7 Business Days

  • This item ships factory direct from California.
  • We will email you the tracking once we receive it from the manufacturer.

Delivery About 2 Weeks

This item ships from Wisconsin. The distributor keeps some inventory in stock. At times they will run out and will fulfill when new inventory arrives from Europe. In the event an item is not in stock. we will notify you regarding the delay.

The design of the first patented MeroWings® wing cushion series was inspired by nature. An outstretched wing was the template for the original shape of the pillow.

Design meets ergonomics: The wing cushions had to make a wide variety of seating arrangements more beautiful and at the same time more comfortable! Like a grand piano, they actually nestle flexibly from all sides around the body and adorn every sofa or seat.

The founder and designers of MeroWings® Meena Valail-Dieter has realized her idea. The wing cushions are practical, comfortable and a real eye-catcher.

Meena Valail-Dieter was born in London, studied natural science at the University of London and successfully completed her studies with the internationally recognized BSC Honors Degree. After several years working in the industry in the area of ​​international market development and product management and the success of the first MeroWings® wing cushion series, Meena Valail-Dieter founded her own company MeroWings® in Stuttgart in 2006.

So far, the main product of the MeroWings® company was the wing cushion , which is now available in four different sizes and different designs.

In 2009, the MeroWings® product range has been expanded to include small furniture and other home accessories. Again, nature was the godfather again! Innovation, comfort and lifestyle are also combined in the new products.

The guiding principle of every MeroWings® product combines the art of design with functionality and most of all with comfort. All products are not just beautiful or unique. They also have a certain, usually well-functioning function.

A fundamental idea of ​​MeroWings® is to contribute to the protection of the environment.

The first step in this direction has already been taken: Part of the proceeds from the new Forest collection and from the Internet sales of MeroWings® will be donated to the environmental organization OroVerde, which is dedicated to the conservation of tropical forests. More under trading partners.

After the first series of comfortable and decorative wing cushions, you can now bring nature back into your home - in this case the forest - with the Forest collection. The sturdy Tree Seats for sitting or the comfortable Tree Trunks as sitting or lying cushions with the logs for comfortable support of the arms and neck are in the design of the original from the forest - the tree trunk - confusingly similar.

Delivery 60 - 90 Days

Imported from Poland and shipped from Wisconsin. The distributor does keep small amounts of Novum on hand and will ship out sooner if that is the case. We will email you the tracking once we receive it from the distributor.

Delivery 2 - 5 Business Days

  • This item ships from California.
  • We will email you the tracking number once it ships.

Delivery About 2 Weeks

  • Serene Seating rugs ship factory direct from Georgia.
  • We will email you the tracking once we get it leaves the manufacturer's warehouse.

Delivery 2 - 6 Business Days

  • Weplay items are shipped from California.
  • We will email you the tracking number once we receive it from the distributor.

Delivery 3 - 7 Business Days

  • This item ships from Kansas.
  • We will email you the tracking number once we receive it from the distributor.

Cleaning Tips

Cleaning your rug properly will provide long lasting value:

Whole rug & Spot Cleaning: Over the counter "dry cleaners" will do the job. They are good because they can be vacuumed out of the rug and not leave any residue.

The main thing to avoid is any cleaner with bleach or strong chemicals that would cause the dye to run. It is always good to test an area for colorfastness before using something across a large area of the rug.

DO use approved powdered dry cleaning products

DO spot test with cleaner, for color fastness before using over larger areas. When cleaning, always blot, NEVER scrub or rub abrasively. This may create a fuzzy area. When vacuuming,

DO NOT vacuum over serge. This can cause serge yarn to become frayed, and torn. See our serge warranty page for repair suggestions.

DO NOT use Bonnet System cleaning method

DO NOT saturate carpet with wet solution Please contact Carpets for Kids® with any questions or concerns you may have regarding cleaning or caring for your area rug.

Cleaning Tips

Clean wood toys often to prolong their usefulness and offer a safe play environment for children. Include a cleaning routine in your play area. Wash on a regular basis to remove grime, dirt, dust, grease or messy fingerprints

Use mild dish soap, white vinegar or apple cider or other non-toxic multipurpose cleaner, diluted with water. Never immerse wooden toys in water. Spray, wipe with a cloth and warm water, then dry afterwards.

Cleaning Tips

Clean vinyl and polyurethane covered items with a soft cloth and mild liquid soap and water solution.

To disinfect, use up to a 5:1 water/household bleach solution. When cleaning or disinfecting, be sure to thoroughly rinse with a clean wet cloth to remove all chemicals. This will provide the purest surface for your child and also prolong the life of the material.

Cleaning Tips

Clean The mirror surface with a furniture polish such as Pledge. Do not use ammonia-based window cleaners.

About Childbrite

Childbrite is the standard of excellence in the field of Early Childhood activity products. The leader of the pack is without a doubt our Sand and Water Activity Centers with a triple-punch --

Colorful, Durable, and Economical. Made of weather-resistant resins by a special process, these tables can take to the outdoors without warping, peeling or cracking. Whether you are a childcare provider or a parent at home, there are a variety of models to choose from. There's one just right for your child(ren)!

Made in the USA

About Gressco

  • Gressco takes pride in delivering quality, unique products to commercial, healthcare, library and educational markets.
  • From colorful, imaginative children's and young adult furnishings, to the functionality of a classic library display. Gressco provides specialized products to help Designers create inviting, interactive spaces designed with lasting quality and craftsmanship.
  • Made in the USA.

About Guidecraft

Guidecraft believes in the immersive potential and possibilities of open-ended toys as a part of our mission to create an inspiring learning environment and enrich the lives of children. With an emphasis on the use of natural materials and loose parts theory, we strive to create toys that unleash a child’s imagination through free, unstructured play.

This encouragement of creative play, lays a foundation for organic learning and classroom readiness. When children are given the freedom to choose their play narrative, they develop the confidence to express themselves with others and make their own decisions.

About KidKraft

Inspiring young imaginations through innovation and exploration Almost 50 years ago, KidKraft began with an idea to inspire play with toys and children’s furniture. Today we have a mission to inspire imaginative play creatively for children everywhere, by being an authority on the spaces and places for kids to live, learn, play and explore.

We are recognized as an industry-leading global business; our toys are sold in more than 90 countries. KidKraft is well-known for our award-winning dollhouses and play kitchens. And with the 2016 acquisition of Big Backyard® and Cedar Summit®, we expanded beyond the playroom into the backyard. Now with playsets and playhouses we have even more ways to encourage kids to explore their world.

Our product catalog will continue to expand while staying rooted in the ideals that have made KidKraft a success – innovative design and quality products. And while we have been at this for awhile, we will continue to deliver on our mission. Simply put, we are committed to products for kids that are MADE FOR MAKE BELIEVE™, because we believe the more kids imagine, the more they grow.

About TAG Toys

  • TAG (Think And Grow) was established in 1976 in response to the lack of materials available to train intellectual deficits among children with learning disabilities.
  • Dr. Lawrence Mestyanek, the founder, earned two separate Masters degrees in Psychotherapy and Educational Psychology as well as a Ph.D. in Educational Psychology.
  • TAG Toys are designed for all children from one to six years of age. The unique and award winning designs are based on established, well-researched learning theory and provide the stimulation necessary for the early development of sensory motor skills and thinking abilities.
  • TAG Toys are proudly manufactured in the United States of America. Starting in a garage and growing through numerous incubator spaces TAG’s current 50,000 square foot design and manufacturing plant is headquartered in Compton, California. Blending traditional, time tested made-by-hand techniques with state-of-the-art, automated machinery TAG Toys is able to produce a high quality product at a reasonable price.

About Novum

NOVUM has been offering quality children’s furnishings, sensory and educational products in Poland and across Europe for over 20 years. Their products are eco-friendly and confirmed by quality Certificate ISO 9001.

About Weplay

Systematic Products for Holistic Development We here at Weplay develop our systematic products according to children's holistic needs, ranging over visual-auditory-tactile perception, motor skills, balance coordination, fine motor skills, and creative play. Made in Taiwan based on Universal Design, Weplay products help children grow up happily and healthily.

Bringing Nature Indoors Our design concepts is to bring cultural and natural elements into Weplay products, and therefore children can enjoy outdoor ambiance indoor. A limited place becomes unlimited space when children are having fun with Weplay range.

Environment, Children's Second Teacher Either for institutional or household uses, Weplay enriches children's situational activities and creative thinking. With excellent quality, multi-functions and high play value, Weplay belongs to worldwide children. Let's experience Weplay uniqueness altogether !

About Gymnic

Gymnic Ledraplastic S.p.A., founded in 1963, was one of the first manufacturing companies to use the rotational moulding method to work non-toxic vinyl. In the first 20 years, the production process concentrated on the baby toys.

Since the mid-80s, the business has established itself in several market sectors: from toys to fitness, including physiotherapy and wellness. Our own brand, Gymnic – The Way to Move – identifies our product range on the international market and stands for quality products designed to provide movement and well-being to people of all ages.

About Gonge

Active children enhance their motor development, strengthen cognitive and social skills, and build confidence in themselves through play and movement. This combination of play and movement motivates children to learn.

We develop high quality products which are recognized by international experts to stimulate the development of children’s motor, cognitive and social skills through play and movement.

ur family-owned businesses have been producing the highest quality cycles and play equipment for children since 1932. Guided by the motto ‘Learning by moving’, we continue to develop and learn by keeping our approach dynamic, ensuring customers have the best selection of quality products.

Quality is about more than just using the best materials. That’s why we work with teachers, physical therapists, industrial designers and engineers to ensure that design, functionality and a concept we call ‘play value’ are built into everything we produce. Our products are timeless, sustainable and durable.

Our products stimulate children’s imagination through physical activity. We believe that a healthy balance of cognitive, social and motor skills creates harmonious, happy children.

About La Siesta

  • The La Siesta passion is to bring people closer to the hammock side of life. To experience the joy, relaxation, and well being that comes with laying in a hammock, even if for only 5 minutes a day. As a modern family business and a leading provider of hammocks and hanging chairs, we are committed to this vision, and to ethical and sustainable business practices, every single day.
  • Once you experience the hammock life, you’ll never go back. From our locations in Jugenheim, Germany to Miami, Florida, all of our employees share this enthusiasm. Together we want to give our customers an incomparable hammock experience.

About HABA

  • HABA makes commercial quality children's furniture in Germany.
  • Built to withstand the rigors of commercial environments, and are made to last with a 10 year manufacturer's warranty.
  • Made from genuine birch timber veneer. Naturally good quality. Warm and inviting with unmatched stability and comfortable to use. It comes from sustainable forestry that maintains woodlands.
  • Surface sealing - HABA high quality veneers are sealed with carefully selected lacquers that are water based and free of solvents. They are environmentally compatible and non fading.
  • Advantages of veneer are they are genuine wood, have a natural appearance, are durable, and biologically friendly

About Jonti-Craft

  • Jonti-Craft designs products with Children in Mind! It takes a special touch to design and build furniture for children. You have to know how kids think, how they explore, how they grow, and how they learn most successfully. At Jonti-Craft, they have that special touch.
  • You'll get safe, feature-rich, superior-quality children's furniture for a lifetime of learning.
  • Proud of a Midwestern roots and equally proud to say that nearly all products are made in the USA. A talented group of designers, craftsmen and manufacturing, and logistics team members, build premium, handcrafted products for children that last a lifetime.
  • Since 1979, Jonti-Craft has been the leading manufacturer of children's furniture. Products contain premium features and are specifically made to withstand the rigors of use in high traffic, commercial environments such as classrooms, waiting areas, daycares and play rooms—as well as in residences.
  • Caring Is Built into Every Product We Make. Our products are designed and manufactured to contribute to healthier indoor air quality and to support environmentally safe spaces for all. Our products meet several key industry certifications, including Consumer Products Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA), California Air Resource Board (CARB) II, and GREENGUARD Gold, which is designed specifically for environments with children. This underscores our commitment to delivering products that are air quality friendly and environmentally safe. » Find out more about Jonti-Craft's exclusive Commitment to Care
  • Innovation through design and manufacturing. Educators, parents, and most importantly, students tell us that our furniture "fits" the way children learn, play, think, and grow. We design with those needs as our priorities.
  • Jonti-Craft delivers lasting quality that’s guaranteed. The robust warranty is your assurance of lasting quality and value. Many products include a lifetime warranty—which saves you money year after year.
  • Made in the USA

About Sommerfly

Sommerfly Products began with the mixing of ideas and passions of two sisters, Kristi Langslet and Heidi Langslet-Hall, who wanted to start their own business. Not just a small company that could provide for them, but one that could deliver well constructed, non-medicine based products that would truly improve the lives of those in need.

It all started when co-founder Kristi Langslet, a practicing Occupational Therapist, began designing and making products for her clients to meet specific needs related to Sensory Processing. Sleep, calm and focus were some of the primary challenges of her clients in the Sensory-Based Therapy Clinic in which she worked.

As more and more positive feedback came in it became very clear what Kristi had created worked and worked well. This didn't happen by pure luck but rather through countless hours of design and function testing directly with her patients. Kristi and Heidi were insistent that their products not only had to work well but also be of a quality that would benefit their customers in masses for many years to come.

Through testing their products with many different people and age groups, the results proved-out that they had truly hit their mark of "Calm, Sleep and Focus for All".

It was this hard work and persistence that created the Sommerfly's™ brand and allowed their dream to come to reality.

Who we are:

Kristi Langslet,OTR/L received her Bachelor of Science in Occupational Therapy from Colorado State University in 1988. She did her NDT Training (Neuro-Developmental Training) in 1999 and received her SIPT Certification (Sensory Integration and Praxis Certification) in 2002. Following another of her passions, Kristi received her Bachelor of Arts Degree in Sculpture from The Rhode Island School of Design in 2006. She has worked as an Occupational Therapist for over 25 years helping children and adolescents.

Sommerfly’s Goal:

Continuing our on-going commitment and passion to deliver high-quality life improvement products that work. Upholding our belief in continuous improvement and to continue our tradition of co-developing our products directly with those that use them. We ask that you join us on our journey and contact us directly and share your ideas, suggestions and experiences with our products. We will listen and we will respond! This is our Pledge to You. Thank you from all of us at Sommerfly's™ and best wishes for healthy and happy living!

Made in the USA

About Wild Zoo

  • Wild Zoo Children's Furniture is made to minimize impact on the environment. All major desk components and packaging materials are sourced and milled from within 165 miles of our production facilities.
  • Forests re-planted after harvest with nearly 100% success. Wildlife and habitat protected both during and after harvest
  • Wood is renewable, reusable, recyclable and continues to store carbon dioxide after it is processed.
  • Engineered board substrate is all CARB (California Air Regulatory Board) compliant, more stringent than national standards for formaldehyde emissions.
  • All packaging material is TCPH (Toxins in Packaging Clearing House) certified for landfill emissions, and is almost completely recyclable.
  • Water-based lacquer is safer and doesn't require oil based products.
  • Minimal use of plastics and oil based products in the furniture reduces dependence on foreign oil.
  • Made in the USA

About Keebee

  • Keebee is a global leader in designing and fabricating high-quality, durable play equipment for commercial and institutional environments.
  • Produced in Canada from safe and superior building materials obtained only from the United States and Canada.
  • Keebee Play has earned a reputation for being the premier producer of indoor-modular play equipment and is why Keebee products are preferred by corporations who include play as part of their ‘family-friendly’ brand experience. Hotel brands, retail chain stores, QSRs, hospitals, shopping malls have all come to rely upon the quality, dependability and durability that Keebee Play products deliver.
  • Safety is the foundation of Keebee Play product designs. You can be assured that every product that we produce is built to exacting safety standards, is durable, has no loose pieces, is low maintenance, is easy to keep clean and sanitized.
  • Keebee products are safety tested to comply with the relevant regulations for the jurisdiction in which they will be used. Generally, jurisdictions (countries) will provide product safety guidelines that provide requirements for public-use play equipment intended for use by children aged 18 months to 12 years with anthropometric limits based on the 95th percentile.

Delivery 5 - 9 Business Days

  • We will email you the tracking number once we receive it from the manufacturer.

Delivery 3 - 7 Business Days

  • This item is made to order and ships from Colorado.
  • We will email you the tracking number once we receive it from the manufacturer.

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