Deluxe Mini Play Cube

$ 129.95

Deluxe Mini Play Cube

$ 129.95
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The Deluxe Mini Play Cube provides hours of fun for children of all ages. This sensory style toy has five sides of fun that will keep kids busy while they wait or play. Great for lobby areas, libraries, schools, day-cares or any indoor play area.

Size: 12" x 12" x 24" High Weight: 12 lbs

Boost fine motor skills as children play alone or with new friends. This Activity Cube was one of the first play cubes for toddlers and preschool-age kids. No loose pieces.

The DMP panels include:

  • 😁 A Pathfinder
  • 😊 Learn the Alphabet Manipulative
  • 😀 An Abacus
  • 💖 Gears
  • 😍 Topped with a classic bead wire rollercoaster

Ages: 2+

The Deluxe Mini Play Cube can be used on the floor or tabletop. Excellent multi-sensory adventure as children start to develop visual tracking skills, letter recognition, color recognition, counting, hand-eye coordination, and more!

👍 This perennial favorite has stood the test of time. It has been a best seller for more than 20 years. 

📦 Makes a great gift but it is also a wonderful toy for waiting areas, doctor's offices, libraries, preschools, and daycares. This educational activity toy is one of the most popular play cubes ever made.

Made by Anatex Toys

Very Important: When you get your DMP, the top will be upside down in the box. We've loosened the side screws to make it easier to place the top into the groves of the cube. Once in place. Lightly tighten the side screws and attach the top with the four screws included with the top. grooves. The total time to get the cube ready for play is less than 10 minutes.

This is one of the toys that started the waiting room toy revolution!

As a side note: One of the reasons we started selling waiting room toys is we often saw Anatex toys at UCLA pediatrics. When our son was young we spent a lot of time waiting while they were performing tests to find out how to best help him overcome his difficulties.

I remember the deluxe mini play cube and others in the audiology office at UCLA. It was such a hard time yet he loved seeing the toys in the office. For my son, it just seemed like we were going to a beloved playground because he had been there so many times. 

Alycia 😍

P.S. The team at Hayneedle made a nice video showing how the benefits of the Deluxe Mini Play Cube. They no longer sell it, but we thank them for the great video.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 36 reviews
Leopoldine Gartner
They love it!

It was a gift for my 6 month old grandnephew.
He sent me a picture of the little one sitting by the cube and spinning the blocks, "it is a great toy", my nephew said and that makes me happy.👍😁

Dave Kopp
Excellent Service and Quality ...... Wow!!!! USA Made too!

Delighted in dealing with your company. Your products are well-made and dealing with your company is ..... perfection.....Wow!

I'm Sold!

I was very impressed at the product, but the service was wonderful. So kind and efficient. I will certainly return for more. Thank You!!!

Great for play and learning

We love this toy and are so happy to have found it! Our neighbors have one they let our son use every time we come over. He loved it so much, we had to get one for our home. Thank you for a quality toy that keeps our boy engaged and learning!

Carolyn Daniels
Great gift

My great grandson turns one next week and this is what I bought him. He loves and it keeps him busy for hours. It is well built and should last for him until he is too old to play with it.

Angel Milliord
Happy kids

`this cube was made with such care and quality. We are so happy with our cube. And the kids love the colors and activities.

Quality Learning Toy

Finally a toy that is not made entirely out of plastic. We also love that it is made in the USA. This is a high quality interactive learning toy. Purchased for my 8 month old who loves to spin the gears, flip the wood blocks and move the beads. He will get so much use out of this toy.

Mini play cube

Purchased this play cube for our granddaughter 1st birthday, she starting playing with it, more about the curiosity factor, I have to say she really likes it. I do have to point out she just turned 1, starting to walk and relying things to hold on to, supervision is highly recommended do to the tip over factor of the play cube if the toddler was to rely on when falling. Great quality play cube, also a toy that a toddler can enjoy for a few years as they grow. Sensory edge is a great company to purchase from, ordering, customer service, and receiving the product, very satisfied.

Glen Simmons

Well constructed.

Shawna Gvazdauskas
Deluxe mini play cube

Awesome quality product and wonderful customer service!