Animals Carpet Circles - Set of 20

$ 119.95

Animals Carpet Circles - Set of 20

$ 119.95
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Bring the animal kingdom to circle time with our set of Animals Carpet Circles - perfect for preschools, schools and churches.

The Animals Carpet Circles set of 20 is designed to bring joy and education to young children. With adorable animal designs, these carpets are perfect for circle time activities in preschools or churches.

Each Cirle is: 12" diameter

Featured Animals are:

1. Rabbit 2. Rhino 3. Dog 4. Sheep 5. Pig 6. Penguin 7. Elephant 8. Snake 9. Lion 10. Giraffe 11. Alligator 12. Dove 13. Monkey 14. Frog 15. Zebra 16. Fox 17. Tiger 18. Racoon 19. Butterfly 20. Mouse

The durable build ensures that they can withstand constant use without losing their vibrant colors and patterns. These school carpets not only add a fun touch to the learning environment but also help kids learn about animals while developing their cognitive skills.

Investing in these high-quality carpet circles will benefit both teachers and students alike by enhancing the classroom experience with an engaging educational tool

  • Use as seating tools, animal recognition, story telling and animal concentration.
  • Durable and safe: Made with high quality materials, these animal carpets are ideal for school or church use as they can withstand heavy foot traffic and provide a safe surface for children to play on
  • Easy to clean: The stain resistant material makes it easy to wipe away spills or dirt, ensuring that the carpet circles remain hygienic and ready for use at all times
  • Versatile design: These animal themed carpet circles can be used in various settings such as classrooms, play areas or even at home, making them a great investment that offers long term value

The Gods Animals Carpet Circles set contains 20 rounds that are perfect for matching fun for any schools and church children s areas. Great circle animal carpets for preschoolers. Perfect for circle time and chapel.

  • Advanced Stain Protection
  • KIDply Backing
  • Class 1 Fire Rating
  • 100% Continuous Filament Nylon
  • Green Label Plus Certified

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