Calendar Classroom Seating Rug

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Calendar Classroom Seating Rug

$ 379.95
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Create a Warm and Welcoming Classroom Environment with a Rug

Transform your classroom into an inviting and vibrant learning oasis with the Classroom Calendar Seating Rug. This eye-catching, multi-functional rug is more than just a decorative piece; it's a dynamic educational tool designed to enrich your teaching and captivate your students.


  • 7'6' x 12' , Seat Size: 13" x 17"
  • 8'4 x 13'4, Seat Size: 14" x 19"

Crafted with brilliant colors and engaging patterns, the Classroom Calendar Rug serves as the perfect backdrop for a wide range of educational activities. It's meticulously designed to foster imagination and cognitive development among young learners.

Whether it's exploring the basics of number and letter recognition, or delving into the concepts of days, weeks, and months, this rug turns learning into an interactive and joyful experience.

The challenge of teaching time-related concepts to young children is well-known, but a rug makes this task engaging and accessible. By integrating the calendar into daily learning with a tactile and visually stimulating approach, children can more easily understand and remember these essential concepts.

The rug's design encourages active participation out of their chairs, making it an ideal resource for introducing young minds to the calendar year in a manner that's both fun and effective.

Beyond its educational value, the Calendar Carpet also doubles as a cozy seating area for story time and group discussions. Its durable construction ensures it can withstand the energetic activity of a busy classroom while providing a comfortable spot for children to gather, learn, and play.

Embrace the potential to transform your educational environment with the Classroom Calendar Seating Rug. It's not just a rug; it's a foundation for learning, discovery, and growth. Invite your students into a world where education and imagination blend seamlessly, and watch as they leap forward in their understanding of time, numbers, and letters.

Add the calendar kit of 31 plus 4 special days, so that everyone can have a day to celebrate. Sold here.

Calendar Kit Sold Separately.

  • Anti Static Protection
  • Meets NFPA 253, Class 1 Firecode
  • Double-stitched serged edges
  • Carpet stain protection*
  • Assists in allergen particle control
  • Meets the CRI s Green Label Plus certification

*Features True Stain Blocker Technology - Makes clean up a cinch using only hot water extraction with no harsh chemicals necessary. Tested to ensure carpets provide safe area for children to learn and play while supporting your efforts to provide a clean and healthy environment.

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