Amazer Dizzy Disk Wall Toy

$ 349.95

Amazer Dizzy Disk Wall Toy

$ 349.95
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A Revolution in Keeping Kids Busy! 

The Amazer Dizzy Disk Wall Activity Toy is a fun waiting room game. Little ones cannot help but be attracted to this colorful maze that goes topsy-turvey. Turn the wheel to get the disc to roll through the maze. 

Size: 23"W x 2"D

Your waiting area will be a place children can have fun in, instead of worrying about their visit with the doctor. If you're a store that has a waiting area, wall toys are a great way then to keep children busy while parents shop or talk to salespeople.

Color choices are: Black on Green, Blue on Speckletone, Yellow on Red, Purple on Speckletone

The spinmazer style unit has a smooth, clear acrylic cover that wipes clean easily and is easy to disinfect. This is critical, especially in health care facilities. This commercial quality wall toy mounts to any wall with super-strong drywall fasteners (included).

Made in the U.S.A. by Gressco Playscapes Waiting Room ToysCovered by a two-year warranty.

How Do Maze Toys Help Children?

Maze toys, also known as labyrinth toys or puzzle mazes, can be beneficial for children in several ways:

  1. Fine Motor Skills: Playing with maze toys requires precise hand-eye coordination and the manipulation of small objects. This helps children develop their fine motor skills, which are essential for tasks like writing, drawing, and buttoning clothes.

  2. Problem Solving: Mazes present children with a challenge that requires logical thinking and problem-solving skills. They need to figure out the correct path to navigate the maze, which promotes critical thinking and decision-making.

  3. Patience and Persistence: Mazes can be frustrating at times, especially when a child encounters dead ends or obstacles. Playing with maze toys teaches children patience and encourages them to persist in their efforts to solve the puzzle.

  4. Spatial Awareness: Navigating through a maze improves a child's spatial awareness and understanding of directions. They learn concepts like left and right, up and down, and how to plan movements in a confined space.

  5. Visual Perception: Mazes often come in various designs and levels of complexity, which can enhance a child's visual perception and recognition of patterns. This can be particularly helpful for developing visual memory.

  6. Hand-Eye Coordination: Manipulating small objects within the maze requires precise hand movements and coordination. This helps improve a child's hand-eye coordination, which is crucial for various activities, including sports and playing musical instruments.

  7. Focus and Concentration: Solving a maze demands concentration and attention to detail. Children can improve their ability to focus on a task and maintain concentration for an extended period while trying to navigate the maze successfully.

  8. Creativity and Imagination: Some maze toys allow children to create their mazes or modify existing ones. This fosters creativity and imagination as they design new challenges or storylines for their mazes.

  9. Social Skills: When children play with maze toys in a group or with a parent or caregiver, it can encourage social interaction, cooperation, and sharing as they work together to solve the maze.

  10. Emotional Development: Dealing with the challenges and frustrations of maze puzzles can teach children valuable emotional skills such as resilience, coping with setbacks, and the satisfaction of overcoming obstacles.

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