Barn Animals Stow N Go Carpet Squares Set of 24

$ 219.95

Barn Animals Stow N Go Carpet Squares Set of 24

$ 219.95
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Bring your classroom to life with the Barn Animals Stow N Go Carpet Squares! Spark your students' imaginations with Photo-Fun Classroom Rugs. The vivid and detailed photographic images are so much fun, children don't notice they're learning.

Size: 16"

Item FA1004-S24FS

  • Class I Flammability Rating
  • Made of 100% Invista type 6.6. Continuous Filament Nylon
  • Green Guard Certified
  • Anti-microbial agent that guards against odor, mildew and mold
  • Scotchgard for superior soil resistance.
  • Anti-Static treatment guards against shock
  • Manufactured in the USA

Made by Flagship Carpets

Here are 10 fun facts about barnyard animals:

  1. Chickens can recognize and remember more than 100 individual faces, including those of humans and other chickens.
  2. Pigs are highly intelligent animals, often compared to the intelligence level of a three-year-old child.
  3. Goats have rectangular pupils, which give them a wide field of vision and allow them to see almost 360 degrees without moving their heads.
  4. Cows have best friends and form strong social bonds with each other. They can become stressed and anxious when separated from their companions.
  5. Sheep have excellent memories and can recognize and remember up to 50 individual sheep faces, even after being separated for years.
  6. Horses can sleep both lying down and standing up, using a special mechanism called "stay apparatus" that allows them to lock their joints.
  7. Ducks have waterproof feathers due to the presence of special glands that produce oil, which they spread over their feathers to keep them dry.
  8. Turkeys can change the color of their head from red to blue depending on their mood. A red head indicates excitement or aggression, while a blue head indicates submission.
  9. Geese are excellent navigators and can fly in a V-formation to reduce wind resistance and save energy during long flights.
  10. Rabbits have 28 teeth and can chew at an incredibly fast rate—up to 120 times per minute!

    Delivery is about 4 - 5 Weeks

    • This rug is made to order and ships factory direct from Georgia.
    • Delivery is about 4- 5 Weeks
    • We will email you the tracking number when your order ships.