Reading Letters Seating Rug

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Reading Letters Seating Rug

$ 359.95
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The Reading Letters Seating Rug has fun letters that encourage children to read and learn. Large seating spaces will provide each child with their own spot to help with organization in a classroom or library.


  • 7'6' x 12' - 30 seats 17" x 23" each
  • 8'4 x 13'4 - 30 seats 19" x 26" each

School style carpet activities help build a strong and caring classroom community and help refocus students attention. A rug with clearly assigned seating areas will help students know where to sit so that they can focus best on the lessons and activities.

Having this carpet in your classroom will save invaluable time, as energy can be focused on the lesson rather than into directing and redirecting students on where they should sit.

  • Anti Static Protection
  • Meets NFPA 253, Class 1 Firecode
  • Double-stitched serged edges
  • Carpet stain protection*
  • Assists in allergen particle control
  • Meets the CRI s Green Label Plus certification

Alphabet rugs can offer several benefits in a school or educational setting, particularly in early childhood education. Here are some advantages of using alphabet rugs in schools:

  1. Promotes Literacy: Alphabet rugs are designed to display the letters of the alphabet in a colorful and engaging way. They provide a visual and tactile tool for helping young children learn and recognize letters, which is an essential step in early literacy development.

  2. Letter and Sound Recognition: These rugs often feature both uppercase and lowercase letters, allowing children to become familiar with the different forms of each letter. Many alphabet rugs also include corresponding images or words that start with the same letter, helping children associate letter shapes with sounds.

  3. Interactive Learning: Children can actively engage with the alphabet rug by standing, sitting, or jumping on the letters. This interactive approach makes learning fun and memorable, as it combines physical movement with cognitive learning.

*Features True Stain Blocker Technology - Makes clean up a cinch using only hot water extraction with no harsh chemicals necessary. Tested to ensure carpets provide safe area for children to learn and play while supporting your efforts to provide a clean and healthy environment.

Made by Carpets for Kids

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