Seating Changes in Modern Classrooms

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Seating Changes in Modern Classrooms

The modern classroom no longer has rows and columns of seats. Teachers are creating pods where students can mastermind in smaller groups. This allows more children to engage with others. Raising hands can be intimidating, but with the right grouping, even shy children can give their opinion without worrying about getting laughed at by "mean kids". 

Why did it take so long to make the change to smaller groups? Teachers learn fairly quickly who their leaders are and can smartly pair timid learners with a child who can lead a discussion. 

We love this new way of teaching and learning. But... we also can see a future classroom where each pod/table has a multi side monitor that teaches the lesson plan instead of the classroom teacher. How will teachers fit in? Will they be helpers, will they piggyback off the piped in lesson plan and add to it with examples. 

Of course, we love when teachers get kids out of their seats and on to a classroom rug. Kids get to stretch out, engage with friends and feel less restricted by a chair.

Whatever the case, learning in the USA is changing. The days of reading, writing and arithmetic are transitioning to critical thinking, collaboration, creativity and communication.

Is this a good thing?