Dill Sports Pickleball Paddle

$ 59.95

Dill Sports Pickleball Paddle

$ 59.95
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Dill Sports Pickleball Paddle

If you love a sleek thick paddle that gives you control for drops, dinks and resets, with enough power to put away popped up balls, then look no further. The Dill Sports Pickleball Paddle has a Graphite Carbon Fiber face and Honeycomb interior. It's just a bit longer and a tiny less wide than most other paddles on the market.

The scoop... many "famous" pickleball paddles are made in the same factories with minor differences. Our paddle should sell for over $100, but we don't have the same costs as the bigger players.  

Size: 16.5"H x 7.5"W. The handle is 5 1/4" Long, 4 1/2" circumference, 3/4" 

Weight: 7.7 ounces

The face has a nice amount of grit for beautiful slices and top spin shots. The handle is leather wrapped comfort usually found on paddles at least twice the price. The extra length is great for players who use a two handed backhand or those who come from the tennis world.  We gave it a unique modern design that speaks to those who love a great look along with sturdy play. 

GRAPHITE FACE - Gives you precise control for pinpoint accuracy and a nice pop. Great for finesse players and a really good paddle for new to intermediate players. If you're looking for a power paddle, our paddle is probably not the right fit.

POLYMER HONEYCOMB CORE - Recognized as the softest and quietest pickleball paddle cores, which provides the paddle with redefined strength, optimal performance and durability.

SUPERIOR EDGE GUARD - Low profile edge guard with high durability protects the paddle hitting surface and core against court damage, yet is slim enough to reduce miss hits.
The warranty is 90 days from delivery.