Composition Book with Stickers Classroom Rug

$ 169.95

Composition Book with Stickers Classroom Rug

$ 169.95
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Bring a touch of playful nostalgia and vibrant creativity into your classroom with the Composition Book with Stickers Classroom Rug. This uniquely designed rug, inspired by the classic composition notebook, is a perfect addition to any educational space, encouraging a fun and engaging learning environment for young students.

Please Measure Your Space and Choose the Best Size:

  • 5' x 7'6 
  • 7'6 x 12'

Classic Composition Book Look: The rug’s design mimics the iconic black-and-white speckled cover of a traditional composition notebook, evoking a sense of familiarity and comfort for students. The rug features a large, colorful composition book graphic with pastel rainbow lines, ready to “write” the story of each school day.

Adorable Sticker Graphics: The composition book has playful and cute sticker graphics, adding a touch of whimsy and fun. From a cheerful smiling planet and a pair of trendy checkered sunglasses to a cuddly cat and a rainbow with fluffy clouds, these elements are designed to capture children's imaginations and spark creativity. Additional stickers, such as a cactus with a friendly smile, a happy heart, and a pair of cool sneakers, further enhance the rug's lively aesthetic.

Vibrant Colors: The rug features a vibrant mix of pastel and bold colors that stand out against the monochromatic background. This not only makes the rug visually appealing but also helps to create an energetic and stimulating atmosphere in the classroom.

Educational Benefits

Encourages Creativity: The colorful sticker graphics and composition book design inspire creativity and storytelling among students. Teachers can use the rug as a visual aid for lessons in writing, art, and even history of the iconic composition notebook.

Promotes Engagement: The playful design and comfortable surface make the rug a favorite spot for students, encouraging them to engage more actively in group discussions and activities.

Versatile Use: Ideal for classrooms, libraries, and play areas, the Composition Book with Stickers Classroom Rug can be used in various educational settings. It serves as a versatile tool for creating an inviting and stimulating learning environment.

Transform your classroom into a vibrant and engaging space with the Composition Book with Stickers Classroom Rug. This delightful addition not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of your educational environment but also fosters creativity, engagement, and a love for learning among students.

  • Treated with Scotchgard protector for superior soil resistance. 
  • 24 oz Nylon w/Urethane Backing System 
  • Class I Flammability Rating and Indoor Air Quality passed. 
  • Bound and double stitched with nylon edge yarn for maximum strength and durability. Flagship stain and CRI labels 

flagship stain and cri labels

Caring for your classroom rug

Delivery about 4 Weeks

  • This rug is made to order and ships factory direct from Georgia.
  • Delivery is about 4 Weeks
  • We will email you the tracking number when your order ships.