Waiting Room Toys Frequently Asked Questions

Waiting Room Toys are our specialty. We understand the importance of having a kid friendly pediatric waiting area, lobby, or office. We have lots of activity toys and kid size furniture to help you design your space. Browsing through our selection will give you plenty of décor ideas.

Q: What are the best waiting room games for kids? 

A: This question comes up a lot. We have such a big selection sometimes it is hard to make a decision.

Some of our favorite office toys for kids are wire and bead maze cubes, shatter resistant acrylic mirrors and wall toys. The wire and bead cubes make great games for kids and they promote so many important skills. The pincer grasp needed to move the beads promotes fine motor development and finger coordination which is important for pre-writing skills. Magnet activity tables are also a great way to promote social & cooperative play and good understanding of cause and effect.

 Q: How many toys should be in a waiting area?  

A: The number of items you have depends on how much space is being filled. Also think about the number of kids occupying the waiting room at one time and the décor and design you are looking to achieve.

The most important thing to consider first is the size of your space. You have to decide how much space you can dedicate to your play area.

Ask yourself: Do I have enough floor space for multiple toys? If space allows it, we suggest providing a mix of toys (e.g. activity cube, bead maze activity table, some wall toys, soft play blocks, and an acrylic mirror. If you don't have a lot of room wall toys are a good choice to make your wait area décor more kid friendly.

 ~ HINT: Make sure to measure your space before you make your purchase.

 Q: I am designing a pediatric waiting room - what types of toys are good for my clients?

 A: To really make a decision you need to know the average age of your clients.

Just like buying kids furniture for a home, you need to consider the age of the children who will be using the area. If your practice has mostly teenagers then small furniture or activity tables for toddlers are not the best choice for you. Generally though, pediatric waiting room design should be focused on the youngest patients. They have the hardest time waiting. As a society we want to try to keep kids engaged with their environment and each other not screens. If toys are available, it is easier to encourage that pro-social behavior. 

Q: How do I prevent customers or patients from taking the toys when they leave? 

A: Most of our waiting room office toys will either be affixed to your wall or are fairly large. If someone actually tries to take one out of your office, their are good chances other patients or one of your admins will see it happening.

Q: What types of organizations and locations should consider having waiting room toys or office toys for kids for their lobby?

 A: We have helped create amazing environments for children in so many settings nationwide. Waiting room design is not just for healthcare facilities. Places like Doctors Offices, Pediatric Clinics, Dentist Offices, WICS, Retail Stores, Schools, Daycares, Banks, the Local Library, Car Dealerships, or any place that caters to young children or their families are ideal locations for high quality toys.  Adding play panels, activity tables and cubes to waiting rooms help keep kids busy and encourage play, decrease anxiety in kids and their parents, reduce annoyance at wait times, and it lets your customers know you care about their experience.   

Q: Why should a business have kids waiting room toys - we don’t sell kids products and we don't cater to children.  

 A: When it comes to business most of the time the biggest concern is the "bottom line" or closing the sale. Today people have a lot of choices on where to spend their hard earned money. That choice might be about price but all other things being the place that gives them the best experience will win every time. It is very hard for parents to concentrate on what a salesperson is trying to say when a child wants to leave. Creating an area that clearly shows you care about their experience will make them focus on you and your products longer - helping them to make a decision faster. 

Remember you can find educational activity play cubes, wall toys, bead mazes & activity tables at SensoryEdge all with free shipping. Whether you are looking for products that highlight healthy eating, being part of the community, or just having fun while learning at the same time we have the right waiting room toys and furniture for you. 

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