Terms of Video Contest

Video Review Official Contest Rules and Guidelines

  1. The SensoryEdge Video Review Contest is designed to give customers a better user experience on our website and to give our customers a sense of community. To be eligible to win you must submit a video that contains all three elements listed on the contest page here. 
  2. TIMELINE. By participating in this contest, entrants agree to allow us to use the video on our website and online media. 
    • 1. Mention our company name: SensoryEdge
    • 2. Clearly show You or Your Child's Face and Our Product
    • (If the video features someone under 18 please include permission to show the video online when you submit - submission will assume the right to use but we would like note )
    • 3. Review both Our Product and Your Shopping Experience
  4. JUDGING. Everyone's a winner! If you submit a video that meets the above requirements you will be sent a $10 Starbucks gift card.