Set of 2 Stackable Wooden Stools

$ 69.95$ 49.95
You Save: $ 20.00 USD (28.59%)

Set of 2 Stackable Wooden Stools

$ 69.95$ 49.95
You Save: $ 20.00 USD (28.59%)
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Stack, Sit and Smile: Child-Size Wooden Stools - A Playful Solution for Small Spaces!

Introducing an easy for any space-limited areas. A Set of 2 Stackable Wooden Stools. Designed with style and functionality in mind, these stools are perfect for toddlers and children alike. Crafted from premium-quality plywood, they offer unparalleled durability that can withstand daily wear-and-tear.

Size: Each stool is 12" High and 12" seat diameter 

The Anatex Set of 2 Stackable Wooden Stools is innovatively designed to maximize storage when not in use. Thanks to their stackability feature, you no longer have to worry about limited closet space or cluttered rooms.

These stools are also child-size friendly, making it an ideal addition for nurseries or playrooms where creative fun awaits! This elegant set will complement every décor effortlessly while providing unmatched convenience and comfort at all times.

Whether you’re looking to furnish your home office or simply add extra seating options during gatherings, this product is sure to win your heart over with its sleek design and ingenious engineering!

  • Made from high-quality plywood, these stools are not only durable but also eco-friendly and sustainable
  • The stackable feature makes storage a breeze, allowing you to save space without compromising on style or functionality

The Set of 2 Stackable Wooden Stools are great with child-size play tables, for watching the tube, in class, libraries, and playroom fun. Children can take a load off their feet and enjoy these durable stools while playing their favorite games. 

Constructed of plywood. Easy to assemble. Includes felt pads to protect floors.

Ages: 2+ 

Made by Anatex

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