Gymnic Classic 26" Blue Therapy Ball

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Gymnic Classic 26" Blue Therapy Ball

$ 47.95
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The Gymnic Classic 26" Blue Therapy Ball is fantastic for kids to develop their balance. Children of all capabilities can be helped with coordination, flexibility, and strength.

Size: Blue 26 inch/65cm

This first-class quality ball is amazing for all applications in physical therapy, sports and gymnastics. The Gymnic Classic is an excellent way to get in shape and enjoy yourself while exercising.

Its many other versatile uses are comprised of dance and body movement, aerobics, and specific fitness programs designed for kids.

Therapy balls might be just what the doctor ordered to help children with sensory processing disorders, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, or just a strong need to fidget reach their full potential in the classroom.

In 2007, the Mayo Clinic in Rochester did a study on the benefits of a chairless classroom. that focused on improving learning and reducing obesity by making children more active.

The researchers found that the ability to move around more while sitting made the students more attentive.

For some kids with a sensory processing disorder or ADHD, being in motion allows their brains to be engaged. "There is a neurological pathway that goes from your body's balance and movement system to your alert system in your brain. Movement helps attentiveness. Constant movement is required in order to stay seated on the ball.

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Made in Italy by Gymnic

Inflation Tips:

  • Always inflate your product on a flat surface that is free of any sharp objects.
  • You should inflate your product at room temperature (70 €“ 76 degrees). Never inflate in hot or cold temperatures.
  • Inflate ball slowly and check the pressure frequently. Do not use an air compressor.
  • Do not over inflate the suggested ball size. The Gymnic balls need to be inflated little by little to reach the indicated diameter.
Safety Features:
  • Made from quality P.V.C. (Vinyl) resin material.
  • Avoid contact with sharp or pointed objects and sources of heat when using the ball.
  • Use only on safe, level ground and in unobstructed areas. Do not use near stairs or vehicular traffic.
  • Do not use dumbbells while exercising on the ball.

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About Gymnic

Gymnic Ledraplastic S.P.A., founded in 1963, was one of the first manufacturing companies to use the rotational moulding method to work non-toxic vinyl. In the first 20 years, the production process concentrated on the baby toys.

Since the mid-80s, the business has established itself in several market sectors: from toys to fitness, including physiotherapy and wellness. Gymnic – The Way to Move – identifies our product range on the international market and stands for quality products designed to provide movement and well-being to people of all ages.

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The best on the market

The ball has a good quality plastic which holds shape better than other gym balls.