Emoji Seating Rug

$ 364.95

Emoji Seating Rug

$ 364.95
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The 🌟 Emoji Seating Rug 🌟 is a vibrant and engaging addition to any classroom, therapy center, or playroom! This unique rug is not just a feast for the eyes; it's a powerful tool for teaching and understanding emotions. 🤗💡

Size: 7'6 x 12'

Crafted with joy and learning in mind, the Emoji Seating Rug brings a splash of fun wherever it's placed. Its eye-catching design is perfect for gathering children together for activities, stories, or simply a moment of relaxation. ğŸŽ¨ğŸ“š

🔍 Dive into the history of communication with this playful rug. Long before the written word, our ancestors used symbols to convey their thoughts and stories. The Emoji Seating Rug celebrates this ancient tradition, reminding us that everything old can become new again. With the resurgence of symbols in our digital age, this rug connects the past and present in a colorful, engaging way. 🔄✨

Perfect for educational settings, the Emoji Seating Rug serves as a visual aid to help children express their feelings and understand the emotions of others. It's an invaluable asset for fostering empathy and social skills in young minds. 🧠❤️

Whether it's adding a burst of creativity to playrooms or enhancing the learning experience in classrooms, the Emoji Seating Rug is more than just a decor item. It's a bridge to emotional literacy, a nod to the cyclical nature of communication, and a testament to the joy of learning. 🌈📖

Bring the Emoji Seating Rug into your space and watch as it transforms learning into an adventure of emotions and expressions! 🚀🌟

  • Made in the U.S.A. 
  • Highest fiber density, with an infusion dye process. Ensures bright lasting color.
  • Anti-Microbial and Anti-Static Treatment
  • Treated with Scotchgard protector for superior soil resistance.
  • 24 oz Nylon w/Urethane Backing System
  • Class I Flammability Rating and Indoor Air Quality passed.
  • Bound and double stitched with nylon edge yarn for maximum strength and durability.

flagship stain and cri labels

Caring for your rug

Delivery about 3 - 4 Weeks

  • This rug is made to order and ships factory direct from Georgia.
  • Delivery is about 3 - 4 Weeks
  • We will email you the tracking number when your order ships.