Children's Cotton Face Masks - Set of 5

$ 49.95
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Children's Cotton Face Masks - Set of 5

$ 49.95
You save: $ -49.95 USD (100%)
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Your children are bored. Get them out of the house and follow the masks rules in your town! The Child Sized Sensory Friendly Face Mask is not a five and dime throwaway.

Reasons to choose the Children's Cotton Face Masks - Set of 5

😍Stays on the body the whole day (worn around the neck)
😃Has 3-pound release safety clip
😎Rests on the chest during snack and meal-time
😀Sizing toggle for a perfect fit that eliminates need to readjust with hands
😊White stitching on chin side so you always know what side is up

This kid-sized mask has 3 layers of 100% cotton protection, edged with super soft nylon spandex.

The mask is reversible to wear either Blue Wave or Solid Blue fabric side out. The contoured face design keeps the fabric away from your mouth and nose allowing more comfortable breathing.

❤️️Name tag to personalize
😍3-ply 100% cotton - reversible pattern/solid color
😃Super soft spandex band rests over ears to reduce "ear fatigue"
😊Fabric domes over mouth and nose for comfort and doesn’t interfere with speech🇺🇸
🕺Proudly Made in the USA!

SAFETY: The spandex band features a break-away safety connector, sizing stopper and name tag. Designed for adults and children, teachers and students in school as well as family members will appreciate the name tag for quick ID.

The safety break-away connector is perfect for younger children as the spandex band will separate with forces greater than 3 pounds and will easily reconnect for continued wear.

The sizing stopper allows for an individualized sizing experience, whether you prefer a snug or loose-fitting mask.

❤️️HUGE cost savings when compared to disposable masks
😀Environmentally friendly

COMFORT: Put the mask on over your head like a necklace. The white indicator on the chin side of the mask faces down to make correct orientation simple. Rest the spandex bands over the ears for a comfortable experience designed to reduce the 'ear fatigue' of many other earloop masks.

CONVENIENCE: Rest your mask comfortably on the chest when it's not needed. When you want to bring the mask back in place over the mouth and nose, simply loop it back up over the ears. Sommerfly's mask stays on the body for safety and convenience! Imagine meal-time when school resumes...ear-loop masks will quickly find their way to the floor.

Think of when you are running errands getting in and out or your car. When you are driving or away from people, rest your mask on your chest to take a break from mask-wearing. Then, simply loop the bands over your ears and you are ready to go again, safely.

Delivery 4 - 7 Business Days

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About Sommerfly

Sommerfly Products began with the mixing of ideas and passions of two sisters, Kristi Langslet and Heidi Langslet-Hall, who wanted to start their own business. Not just a small company that could provide for them, but one that could deliver well constructed, non-medicine based products that would truly improve the lives of those in need.

It all started when co-founder Kristi Langslet, a practicing Occupational Therapist, began designing and making products for her clients to meet specific needs related to Sensory Processing. Sleep, calm and focus were some of the primary challenges of her clients in the Sensory-Based Therapy Clinic in which she worked.

As more and more positive feedback came in it became very clear what Kristi had created worked and worked well. This didn't happen by pure luck but rather through countless hours of design and function testing directly with her patients. Kristi and Heidi were insistent that their products not only had to work well but also be of a quality that would benefit their customers in masses for many years to come.

Through testing their products with many different people and age groups, the results proved-out that they had truly hit their mark of "Calm, Sleep and Focus for All".

It was this hard work and persistence that created the Sommerfly's™ brand and allowed their dream to come to reality.

Who we are:

Kristi Langslet,OTR/L received her Bachelor of Science in Occupational Therapy from Colorado State University in 1988. She did her NDT Training (Neuro-Developmental Training) in 1999 and received her SIPT Certification (Sensory Integration and Praxis Certification) in 2002. Following another of her passions, Kristi received her Bachelor of Arts Degree in Sculpture from The Rhode Island School of Design in 2006. She has worked as an Occupational Therapist for over 25 years helping children and adolescents.

Sommerfly’s Goal:

Continuing our on-going commitment and passion to deliver high-quality life improvement products that work. Upholding our belief in continuous improvement and to continue our tradition of co-developing our products directly with those that use them. We ask that you join us on our journey and contact us directly and share your ideas, suggestions and experiences with our products. We will listen and we will respond! This is our Pledge to You. Thank you from all of us at Sommerfly's™ and best wishes for healthy and happy living!

Made in the USA

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