Original Rollercoaster Bead Toy

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Original Rollercoaster Bead Toy

$ 69.95
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Important Information: We've recently received a few questions asking if these units are really Anatex Rollercoasters. The answer is 100% yes.

Anatex is now out of business. We were their number one reseller for many years. When they emptied out their warehouse, they found forgotten inventory and offered it to us to sell.

The rollercoasters we have do not have the Anatex stamp on it as they stopped stamping their name on products a long time ago. They actually switched to stickers but these models didn't get stickered.

These units are not finished with varnish or any other type of coating. You're getting a pure wood base with coated wires and beads straight from Anatex as seen below.

The Original Rollercoaster is constructed of a series of painted wires attached to a strong wood base with painted wooden beads of various colors and shapes.

Size: 12" x 15" x 20"

This toy has become an all-time classic in doctor's offices waiting rooms across the country. Children can play on the floor, or on a tabletop. The original rollercoaster bead maze will: 

  • Build visual tracking
  • Color and shape recognition
  • Fine motor skills
  • Gross Motor Skills

New environments, especially waiting rooms, may create anxiety and fright with small children waiting to see the doctor. Bead mazes ease children's minds while keeping them busy playing.

Ages: 18 months+ 

Made by Anatex Toys Item RC2591

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