Weplay Wavy Tactile Path - Blue

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Weplay Wavy Tactile Path - Blue

$ 359.95
You save: $ -359.95 USD (100%)
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The Weplay Wavy Tactile Path can create circles, straight lines, or serpentine walking paths for kids of all ages to walk upon. Inspired by country roads, the Wavy Tactile Path intends to bring Nature into children's life.

The protruding texture on the top stimulates the user feet and helps with physical development. The slope is designed to move the foot for children to experience different stretches and tensions. It is especially good for stretching flat feet.

This product is non-directional, hence it can be used to create straight or winding routes. The set comes with a carry bag for easy storage and transportation.

Ages: 1+

Made by Weplay

Item KT0009-00B


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About Weplay

Systematic Products for Holistic Development We here at Weplay develop our systematic products according to children's holistic needs, ranging over visual-auditory-tactile perception, motor skills, balance coordination, fine motor skills, and creative play.

Made in Taiwan based on Universal Design, Weplay products help children grow up happily and healthily.

Bringing Nature Indoors Our design concepts is to bring cultural and natural elements into Weplay products, and therefore children can enjoy outdoor ambiance indoor. A limited place becomes unlimited space when children are having fun with Weplay range.

Environment, Children's Second Teacher Either for institutional or household uses, Weplay enriches children's situational activities and creative thinking. With excellent quality, multi-functions and high play value, Weplay belongs to worldwide children. Let's experience Weplay uniqueness altogether !

Customer Reviews

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Retired Kindergarten teacher of 43 yrs/Nana to three little ones ages 3 and twins 18 mos.

WOW WOW WOW!! What an awesome open-ended product!

I have three small grandchildren and couldn't resist this product! I would like to first mention that I purchased the WePlay Rainbow River Stones back in July for my oldest grandson who just turned 3 this past November! They are super amazing and the fun he has had with them is unbelievable! His younger brother and sister (twins) turn 2 in May! I purchased this Wavy Tactile Path for them and plan on giving it to them on their 2nd birthday! (YES, I ordered early! They will compliment the River Stones so nicely! ) I was so excited to receive them today and I sure hope I am able to wait until May to give this path to them!!) II am bursting with excitement! I opened the box this evening after everyone was in bed and checked them over! They are perfect!

The play value is incredible! What a great product for childlren to help improve balance, enhance muscle development, movement coordination, and flexiblity....and much more! I can't wait to see the fun the three of them will have creating different paths, the different ways of walking, even the option of crawling for the smaller ones! The list goes on and on!!

Yes, some may say that this product is pricey, and yes, it does initially seem to be until one really looks at the play value this product has to offer. My daughter is a HUGE open-ended toy promoter for her children, and I will tell you that our River Stones that I purchased from you have been used every single day in a different way! They are a hit for all! Just wait until we add this path! And YES, I need to order the connectors!!

THANK YOU Sensory Edge Team!
Deborah Erne :)