Gonge Big Balancing Board

$ 129.95

Gonge Big Balancing Board

$ 129.95
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The Big Balancing Board is a unique toy that can help children with their balancing skills. Topsy turvy at its best! Side to side and back and forth, children will love learning to balance and develop those muscles with this unique balancing board.

Size: 29 3/4" Diameter

Your kids will learn balance, have fun, and learn all about sharing and taking turns; benefits that will last a lifetime!

Four handles, equally spaced around the board, make this item perfect for daycares and clinics where multiple children can play. Kids will think they are pushing their limits, while you'll feel secure in knowing that this item has a skid-proof bottom that makes sliding and tipping really tough.

For advanced users, try spinning around, and balancing while standing or sitting on the board.

Made by Gonge

Item G-2102

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