New from Joy Carpets - Water Spots Classroom Rug

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New from Joy Carpets - Water Spots Classroom Rug

The Watercolor Spots Seating Rug is the perfect addition to any classroom that values functionality and organization. Designed with a unique watercolor spot pattern, this rug adds personality and charm to any space while providing ample seating for students.

Sizes: 5'4 x 7'8 (20 spots) and  7'8 x 10'9 (30 spots)

water color spots rug

The durable construction ensures longevity even in high-traffic areas, making it an essential investment for busy classrooms. With its eye-catching design and quality craftsmanship, the Watercolor Spots Seating Rug will enhance the learning experience of your students while keeping your classroom organized and stylishly decorated

  • The Watercolor Spots Seating Rug adds a touch of creativity to any classroom, while helping with seating organization
  • Its watercolor spots design not only looks great but also helps in creating an engaging learning environment for students
  • This rug is perfect for group activities and discussions, making it an ideal addition to any classroom setting
  • Made from durable materials, this seating rug ensures long lasting use and easy maintenance, saving time and money on replacements or repairs

The Watercolor Spots Seating Rug has colorful designs arranged in rows. It's a fun and unique way to organize a classroom that little learners will love. The bright colors and blended patterns are eye-catching and make for a great place to sit, learn and play.

Great for schools, waiting areas, playrooms and places children gather.

  • Fire Flammability Rating: Class I
  • Stainmaster BCF Type 6,6 2-Ply Nylon
  • Antistain, Antimicrobial and Anti-soil Treatment:
  • Serging: Bound and serged for maximum durability
  • CRI Green Label Plus Certified

Made in the USA by Joy Carpets

A carpet is a long‐term investment and deserves an appropriate maintenance program to protect its appearance. Preserve the beauty of your rug and maintain a healthy indoor environment by following the simple instructions in our Carpet Care & Cleaning Guide.