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Landform Demonstration Kit

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Recreate in your own classroom the geological forces that have shaped the planet. Over 20 activities are included in this kit that will enable your students to develop a thorough understanding of volcanic action, faulting and folding, as well as many other geologic processes.

The Geology Demonstration Kit permits students at all levels to visualize the causes and forces that shape the earth's surface. Constructional landform-building actions of volcanoes, folding, and faulting can be demonstrated. Hard-to-define basic geologic terms such as anticline, syncline, horst, graben, and lava flow can be defined by demonstration. Also, an erupting nonflammable volcano, the action of folding and faulting, and other phenomena can be observed. Numerous projects provide a basic geologic understanding for the elementary student, or solidify concepts and introduce the advanced student to more complex subjects, such as isostatic movement and dip and strike.

Kit consists of a watertight demonstration tray, 20" X 4.25"X2", three pieces of different colored flexible foam. Three simulated rock formation of rugged varnished cardboard construction for fault demonstration, an erupting volcano 7"X7", plus miscellaneous materials needed for the many demonstrations included in the study guide.

Country of Origin: USA

Product Size: 18.5"X25"X3"

Weight: 2.5 lbs.

Made by American Educational Products

Item 555

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