For over a decade SensoryEdge has been a leading provider of children's products to homes, schools, hospitals, and businesses throughout the United States. As business owners we focus on giving our customerís the items they want and the service they need to get the job done. Our business model is simple - we offer quality products, a variety of payment options, easy to understand policies, and unparalleled customer service.

However, before owning a business we were parents of a special need's child. This gave us a unique perspective and accordingly we looked at things a little differently than most business owners. When we look for products to sell we are looking for items that are not only fun but also functional. We look for products that increase important skills like fine motor, gross motor, and cooperative play. The bottom line is we understand the importance of providing parents, caregivers, teachers, and therapists with the right tools to help children play, learn, and stay focused.

You see, when we had our first child we had no idea what kind of toys we should purchase; we bought toys that we thought were cute or items that had the latest cartoon character on them. When he was two we learned that he had a speech disorder, sensory integration issues, and was possibly on the autism spectrum. As he began therapies to overcome his challenges, we discovered how truly important it is to have the right Educational Toys and Therapy Based Products.

During those first few years I spent more time in therapy clinics than I did at home. It was a difficult period of our lives but it taught us so much about our son and how to help him gain the skills he needed to be successful. One thing I noticed was that many of the products his therapists used would benefit all children. I also found I could only purchase many of these products in overpriced catalogs. I wanted to change that for my family and for all the families out there facing similar issues with their children.

With this in mind SensoryEdge was born. We started with therapy products and soon expanded to include products that helped kids in every area of their lives. My children spent a great deal of time at school, Indoor play areas, and out in the community. Watching them in these environments made me realize how important it is to create kid friendly spaces. As a result of this insight we added lots of kid sized furniture, educational area rugs, play cubes, sensory swings, and other items that fit in homes, schools, daycares, hospitals, and lobbies everywhere.

We know you'll love our products as much as we do and we hope you find just the right products to fit meet your needs.

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If you're a planning coordinator, architect or have anything to do with fitting hospitals, businesses and schools with equipment, please consider working with us. We have access to my items not currently seen on our site.

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