Balance & Movement

Our balance and movement products help children gain confidence in themselves and the world around them as they get physically stronger and become more aware of their environment. Always Free Shipping. Great for providing a variety of different types of sensory input including vestibular, tactile, visual, and proprioceptive. Improve skills like hand-eye coordination, postural stability, balance, & visual tracking.

Weplay Maze Balancing Board
Hilltops Balance Stepping Stones
Weplay Circular Balancing Board
Weplay Rock N Fish
Weplay Taxi Roller
Weplay Up on Top
Weplay Rocking See Saw
Cozy Caterpillar Sensory Sock
Textured Therapy Balance Pods
Set of 10 16" Diameter Balance Boards
Weplay See Saw A - Z Pattern
Fitball Balance Disc
Six Sets of 4 Balance Stepping Stones
Build and Balance Obstacle Set
River Landscape Balance Toys
Air Balancing Board
Balance Hemisphere Stepping Stones
Weplay Rainbow River Stones
River Path Balance Toy
Gymnic Orange Hop 45 Hopping Ball by Gymnic
Gymnic Metallic Blue Hop 55 Hopping Ball
Gymnic Turquoise Hop 66 Hopping Ball
FitBall Balance Pad
Fitball Seating Disc
Fitball Giant Balance Disc
Weplay Air Cushion - 30cm
Weekidz Large Puzzle Beam Set
Set of 5 Educational Balance Beams
The Sensory Belt
Weplay Water Lily Motor Skill Toy Set of 12
Weplay Water Lily Motor Skills Set of 6 - Out of Stock
The Miracle Belt
Island Balance Path Toy
Fitball Balance Board
Fitball Deluxe Board
Kids Tactile Discs - Set 2
Therapy Tactile Discs Set of 10
Set of 10 14" Balance Boards
Kids Parachute
Jonti-Craft Wood Balance Beam
Red Rocker Teeter Totter
Tubmobile For Two
The Go Go 4 Wheel Pedal Roller
Gonge Giant Top
Big Balancing Board Therapy Toy
Go Go Bus Ride On Balance Toy
12" Red Scooter Board with Rounded Handles
16" Yellow Scooter Board with Handles
Kids Balancing Board
Balancing Egg Coordination Toy
Weplay Wavy Tactile Path
Weplay Motor Skills Universal Set
The Bridge Balancing Toy
Air-Lite Rocking Raft
Rocketship Resistance Play Tunnel
Air-Lite Donut Floor Sitter
16" Sensory Balance Board
14" Sensory Balance Board
River Stones Sensory Toy
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