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Shop for American Educational Products at SensoryEdge. Free Shipping. Perfect for classrooms and playrooms alike, entertain children and foster in them the natural curiosity that makes every day an opportunity to learn something new. With games, models, activity sets, and educational products, children are encouraged to actively use their imagination and critical thinking skills.

Comprehensive Assessment Kit
Mono Junior Trampoline
Round See Saw with Handles
Toddler Trampoline
Kids Tactile Discs - Set 1
Kids Tactile Discs - Set 2
Therapy Tactile Discs Set of 10
Heavy Duty Balance Ball
Bean Bag Toss Game Bundle
Go Go Bus Ride On Balance Toy
Kids Air Balancing Board
Island Balance Path Toy
River Path Balance Toy
River Landscape Balance Toys
The Bridge Balancing Toy
Cooperative Blanket
Extra Large Coooperative Blanket
Set of 48 School Cone Markers
12" Red Scooter Board with Rounded Handles
16" Yellow Scooter Board with Handles
Illuminated Orbitor - Earth Orbit Science Model
3-D Water Cycle Earth Science Model
Transparent Celestial Star Globe
Landform Demonstration Kit
Torso Model
Water Cycle Model
Classroom Screen Sieves Kit
Classroom Collection Rocks/Minerals
Solar System Simulator
Investigating Electricity Kit
Mitosis Model Activity Set
Meiosis Model Activity Set
Individual Stream Table Kit
Classroom Terrarium
Checks & Balances Classroom Set
Seismograph Model
Teaching Tornado Model
Fundamentals Of Electronics Kit
Torso Model with Functioning Systems
100 Piece Classroom Rock & Minerals Set
Earth Science Collection
Decimal Squares Classroom Center Set
12 Packet DNA Model Kit
Celestial Star Learning Globe
Build and Balance Obstacle Set
Double Scooter with Basketball Hoop - Out of Stock
Kids Balancing Board
Balancing Egg Coordination Toy
Children's Toss and Throw Game
Orbiter Scientific Model
Balance Hemisphere Children's Stepping Stones
Kids Parachute
Gonge Giant Top
River Stones Sensory Toy
Big Balancing Board Therapy Toy
Hilltops Balance Stepping Stones
The Go Go 4 Wheel Pedal Roller
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