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The Airwalker Fabric Therapy Swing offers a new and totally unique physical experience for kids who love to swing. It offers the feeling of suspension and weightlessness akin to womb-like safety and comfort. Your child and his friends will spend hours bouncing, spinning, hanging, sailing through the air, or just resting inside the Airwalker®.

Weight Limit: 150 lbs

Hanging Kit is not included.

If your child loves deep pressure and swinging, this therapy swing does both at the same time. It offers a calming affect that parents and therapists are sure to appreciate.

When suspended from a properly installed ceiling bolt the Airwalkers unique design of heavy, 9-ounce stretch fabric provides the feeling of being airborn and deeply held at the same time.

The cocoon-like design provides a total body pressure that not only feels good, but builds muscular strength, coordination and balance. Being suspended creates a heightened relationship to gravity, which stimulates the vestibular system responsible for balance and coordination.

  • One Airwalker Fabric Therapy Swing
  • One Safety Rotational Device
  • One adjustable webbing strap

Not for use if you have 8 ft low clearance or less

After moving or resting in an Airwalker, a child or adult can feel more alert, relaxed, and energized. Because of Airwalker's versatility, positive body experiences abound that increase self confidence, risk taking, and motivation. Children may be totally enwrapped, laid out flat, sitting, standing, or with another adult or child inside.

The Airwalker® Therapy swing is lightweight and takes up minimal space. It measures 60" wide x 43" long. Height will change depending on weight of child because a heavier person will cause the fabric to stretch and elongate. A heavy gauge nylon webbing strap is included for adjusting its height.

The Airwalker is guaranteed against defects in materials and workmanship for one full year from date of shipment. All equipment will wear with use and no guarantee is made against normal deterioration. We recommend you establish a regular inspection program of all equipment, fittings and support systems to guard against injury. Any alteration of equipment or use of equipment in a non-recommended fashion voids all warranties. The Airwalker is intended for use with adult supervision. We cannot guarantee freedom from injury. The user assumes all risk of injury.

  • Push-Ups - Lie flat out, face down to the floor, using the material like a sling around your torso. Your hands should touch the floor. Bend and stretch your elbows to push the floor away while the Airwalker supports your body
  • Abdominal and Torso Strength and Flexion - In the push-up sling position, alternately jackknife and arch backwards creating torso flexion and extension. Then "fishflop" side to side creating lateral flexion. Moving against the resistant fabric will build strength and elasticity in the muscles. From a sitting position, hold edge of fabric with both hands, lean back slowly while wrapping legs around fabric. Slowly return using abdominal and torso strength. This can be performed close to the floor or in mid-air
  • Thigh Builder - Adjust the height of Airwalker so it is easily accessible from the ground and your feet can just touch the ground. Sit half-way back into the fabric so your legs are bent with feet near the floor. Use one leg, then the other, then both, to push and bounce off the ground. Variation: If your Airwalker is close to a wall you can swing and push off the wall with your feet. Variation: Stand in Airwalker, hold up high on fabric, and use your legs and arms to bounce while standing

Airwalker Games
  • Around The World - Adjust height so you can stand on floor and bring upper body through sling so it wraps around the chest and under arms. Keep your feet in the center like a compass point and make a full circle around by leaning your body forward, keeping it absolutely straight, and pushing with your legs. Try using one leg as the compass point. variation: try looping your arms through the Airwalker, or harder yet, hold it with one arm hooked over, while performing "Around the World"
  • Peter Pan - In the "Around the World" position use your legs to run, push, and squat while you "fly" through the room. Adjust the height of Airwalker so you can lift your legs and feet without bumping the floor. Airwalker From sitting straddle use your arms to pull to standing placing each foot on fabric edge. Once balanced, you can walk on air or "see saw" pushing forward and back into the fabric
  • Diaper Wrap - Instruct or assist child in sitting up and bringing both legs out of fabric so that they are straddling it. Child holds on with hands and may rock forward and back by pressing and pushing body into fabric. Adjust height closer to floor so child can bounce by pushing floor with legs and feet
  • Two In The Sack - Put two children sitting back to back in the Airwalker. Instruct them to shift positions together so they feel each others weight and make necessary adaptations to remain in balance. Allow them to experiment finding ways to counterbalance each other while they change to different positions

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